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Resistance 2 Single Player Campaign Wont Be Co Op

There will be no split-screen co-op mode for Resistance 2. Remember that in the first Resistance, you could play through the single-player campaign with a buddy, splitscreen? My friend Steve and I had a blast doing that. Well, that’s not gonna happen for Resistance 2. My chances of purchasing this game just went down.


MotorStorm 2 – Lunatics Unite

Here’s a nice MotorStorm Pacific Rift promo trailer called Lunatics Unite. Fun stuff!

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Will LittleBigPlanet Meet the Hype?

Sony has some big products coming out, but I don’t think any of them has gotten such universally positive buzz as LittleBigPlanet.

The concept is grand, but often games with such ambitious concepts don’t gel into great finished games. Some of those preview videos look great, but are regular people really going to enjoy creating these levels? Will user-generated levels really be good enough to compete with the flood of high quality profressionally developed games on the market today? Are gamers really going to fall back in love playing a traditional side-scroller? Can you see a vibrant community behind this game thriving or even lasting beyond the launch window?


I’ve been rather skeptical on this in the past. When I heard this topping all the critics list, my hype alarm started ringing. The preview videos all seemed a little on the corny-side, with that annoying music, and it trying to be just a little too cutesy.

But the more they have recently shown of this title, the more it looks this game might actually become a genuine sensation. Some of the levels actually look cool, and from the brief shots of the 24-hour LittleBigPlanet GameJam, it really looks like regular people can make unique and exciting stuff.


In general, user-generated content won’t match the technical expertise or production quality of professional content, but user-generated content will be able to deliver a certain type of personality, emotion, and diversity that professional development isn’t suited for.


So, call the shot? Will this game kick off a resurgence of user-generated content? Will this take the concept beyond what we’ve seen in the past with the Doom/Marathon customization craze or Eamon modules?


R2 Crash Landing Gameplay

Here’s some nice campaign-mode gameplay from Resistance 2. Very very nice! Anybody know if this game has splitscreen?


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