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TGS 2008 Preview |

TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2008 starts next week, October 9 through October 12. For the uninitiated, this is one of the big three public gaming expositions, with the other two being E3 for North America and Leipzig GC for Europe.


  • Nine previously unannounced first/second party (Sony published) PS3 titles, will be unveiled. I’d imagine some of these will be smaller titles, but I’d expect a few big ones. The long anticipated Team ICO title is widely expected (Sony exec Mr. Yoshida recently said that it would be shown “soon”)
  • Two third-party PS3 exclusive titles from Konami and Irem will be unveiled and playable at the show.
  • Nobi-Nobi Boy, from the original creator of Katamari Damacy, will be shown in non-playable video form. When this game was shown last year, this took the prize for the most obscene and buzz-killing preview footage.
  • White Knight Chronicles, the hotly anticipated PS3 RPG from Level 5, will be shown. We haven’t heard anything from this title in quite a while and since Level 5 has recently said that this game will ship on 12/25 in Japan, we can expect a near-final preview build. They claim have some major new features to show.


  1. Hopefully Level 5 has more to show than WKC. I’d love Sony to announce Dark Cloud 3. I’m hoping for a whoie bunch of JRPG’s. Strategy RPG’s. The Ps3 is sorely lacking in that department.

  2. They need a horde of Jrpg’s

  3. Actually not only jrpgs. Almost any kind of rpg would be great. And I also would like more adventure-ish games as well.

  4. New rpg revealed! Demon’s Souls It’s a sony exclusive, from Software and will be playable at the TGS. One of the 11 new games! 😀


    There’s word that the rpg flood gates may be about to breech for the PS3.

    The Konami game is another epansion to MGS:O
    Metal Gear Online: Meme Expansion Pack [PS3] (unannounced Konami TGS game)
    New Characters: Mei Ling + Revolver Ocelot
    New Stage: Silo Sunset + Forest Firefight + Winter Warehouse…_122_772lo.jpg –For more info!

  5. Hey Fleakitten, it appears that none of your links work, except the very last one.

  6. ehandlr

    Not sure what I think about Demon’s Soul yet…hopefully get to see more direct images later.

  7. I saw that this morning. I’ll make that a separate post. flea, that psu link still doesn’t work.

  8. Stupid PSU links! >

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