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LittleBigPlanet: Wow! |

User Created Content Has one of Three Problems

  • Older Games from a Simpler Era Tons of old games had amazing ecosystems of user created content. In the 80’s there was Eamon and Lode Runner. In the 90’s there was Wolfenstein 3D followed by Doom and Marathon. What happened is clear, as games got more complex, the skills to create content grew more sophisticated, and it became unrealistic for non-professional hobbyists to create content. While it was simple for anybody to create a Lode Runner or Wolfenstein map, almost no one can create content for most current games.
  • Too Simple Some games like Syphon Filter or Halo 3 allow simple user-generated content, but they are basically just allowing users to make minor tweaks to the existing game content.
  • Too Complex Games like UT3 allow the user a wide range of freedom, but to do something beyond a minor tweak demands large amounts of time, patience, self-management and substantial technical skills. There are also plenty of hobbyist game dev tools such as Flash, Torque, Ogre, or XBLA that face the similar hurdle. There are several success stories, but most of them involve ridiculous quantities of unpaid labor and self-determination from talented programmers and artists.

What’s amazing about LittleBigPlanet

  • The Tools are Easy Regular game players can realistically make their own levels. Sure, it’s harder than playing a game and it takes skill and good ideas, but this is well within reach of regular gamers.
  • The user-created levels are actually something that other people will want to play Have you seen the user-created LBP levels that are popping up on the web? Wow! These aren’t just tweaks or new map layouts, these levels have completely original themes, visuals, and animations. They look surprisingly fun to play.

  • Solid_Nat

    Some of the levels are amazing to play, and a lot are LBP versions of games, i have already played a WipEout level, Mario, and FIFA versions. Others are just fun with puzzles and stuff to solve.

    When this gets opened up to the masses and the creative people out there the potential to never get bored is very strong! Imagine playing a new level every time you played the game, thats the potential…… user created content is going to start popping up everywhere following this game, its the next evolution in gaming for me anyway, and Sony have done it first this gen!

  • Carl;)G

    I have got the LBP beta, and it is AMAZING! ;P Can’t wait for the full game this month ;P

  • My Flipper Madness level was hearted over a hundred times^^ I didn’t even need 4hrs to make it… AWESOME 😀

    I used to make levels for Q3A (i.e. recreating local stuff like our trainstations etc.) as a hobby. Nothing professional, but it still was fun. LBPs MAJOR advantage is the ease of use. Q3rad etc. are very complex tools, but they allow you to do EVERYTHING you can imagine. In LBP you can’t… Even materials etc. are prepared, so you don’t need to worry about that.

    It will sell like hotcakes over a very long time!

  • I watched G4’s Xplay LBP special the other night, you can do so much with this game it’s impressive. It’s going to keep me busy for a while.

  • I cannot wait. SO eagerly anticipated. My question is. Will this spur sales of the Playstation eye since I haven’t heard of any other way to get textures into the game?

  • I sur hope so, mcloki… Not too many people have the Eye 😀 The video chat is great!

  • mikael

    Just to add some balance to the comments I must say that the user created levels in the beta so far really isn’t anything to write home about.

    At some point there will definitely be levels worth playing, made by a few dedicated user, like in a number of (PC) games in the past, and I’m still buying the game, but only for the levels it’s shipped with.

  • Office Ninja

    I was lucky enough to win a beta code over the weekend. I finally had a chance to download it later Sunday evening. I only played the game for a few hours, but the game managed to exceed my high expectations. I have to admit I only played a handful of user created levels, but there were a few gems out there.

    The editing tools are easy to use, but the amount of creative freedom is almost over whelming. With some more practice, I think I might be able to create something worth playing myself.

  • George

    I managed to get a beta key today.

    So far we (my son and I) have only played it for 3 hrs.

    Yes, it is a creative system. It is by far the best example of that on the console. My 5 and a half year old son was able to figure out the interface and was able to make a level.

    Feels a lot better than Home, the only other “build your own world” type game I’ve used on the PS3.

    It does have a bit of a learning curve, and the tutorials are drudgery, but once you get past that it is not too bad. So far I have not been able to test the online component, maybe it will work tomorrow (servers must be busy or something)