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Resistance 2: The Great and the Terrible |

Resistance 2 has tons of new ideas crammed into it. Some of them seem to be pure genius, while others seem to be cringe-worthy terrible.

The Great

  • Co-op An FPS shooter co-op that plays like World of Warcraft instance runs is a brilliant idea. Even beyond this game, I hope we see future titles flesh this concept out even further.
  • Competitive Most other shooters, including Resistance 1, tend to feel too chaotic and aimless. Insomniac sounds like they have some very clever ideas about handling this issue.
  • Single-Player Campaign Resistance 1 excelled by delivering a variety of high quality enemies, weapons, and level types. It seems like they will continue to push the boundary in the sequel.
  • Technology The massive enemies, the massive environments, the water effects, the animation improvements, and the increased volume of on-screen activity all seem like major tech improvements.


The Terrible

  • Angry Macho Marines Gears of War raised the bar on this: Giant, thick, football players angrily shouting and pushing each other and loudly bragging about “curb stomping”. Gears captured all the obnoxiousness of young angry men and I absolutely hated it. Now, Resistance 2 seems to be imitating this exact style of machismo. In this video, you can see it all: young angry hulking space marines angrily shouting and pushing and storming around. Resistance 1 didn’t have a great story, but it was pleasant pulpy background material. The story bits in Resistance 2 just look obnoxious.
  • Jokey old-timey Radio Announcer When Fallout 1 did the quirky old-timey humor angle, it was original and funny. Now, it is not. I understand that the game is set in 1950’s America, but they can not pull off the melodramatic goofball humor and they should get rid of it.

Agree? Disagree? Let’s hear it…

  • Rich

    I was hoping that the announcer guy was just for the trailers. As for the macho marine crap it’s a little cliche now. But, what can you do? Oh, am I the only one who liked the story from Resistance 1?

  • The Claw

    Rich, the story in Resistance actually aint half bad if you ask me. Technically it’s an “alien invasion” story but the nuanced stuff like the mystery behind the Chimera’s origins, the way the Chimera operate, who the Cloven are, and other stuff from intelligence reports actually comes together to make a pretty interesting story.

    As for the “Macho Marine” stuff, you kind of have to wonder who’d actually be fighting mutant aliens if they ever did come here… chances are it would be macho Marines. I mean, yeah, it’s techincally cliche but not really any more cliche than having fast cars in a racing game or some kind of ball in a sports game.

  • The Claw has a point there.

  • mpz

    Bit early to say yet isn’t it? At least play it first.

    The marine thing – yeah hopefully there isn’t too much of that, as although this one is set in the mighty u s of a, so it has some reasoning, it doesn’t really fit the era as much.

    Being set in the usa, they are probably going to market it for that market more aggressively too.

  • Resistance 2 really needs to make Nathan Hale someone you can identify with. It’s rather a faceless game.

  • darrin

    Having more of a personality would be nice, but I’d rather stick with something good but bland rather than go with macho and obnoxious.

    The gameplay mechanics still look amazing and those are the main draw of the series for me.