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Skate 2 is being developed with PS3 as the Lead Platform |



Speaking to recently, Black Box producer Jason DeLong confirmed that the PS3 version of Skate 2 would be the lead version of the game, after the PS3 version of Skate 1 was criticised for not being as good as its 360 counterpart.

“The PS3 has been our lead platform,” DeLong confirmed.

According to DeLong, this was due to “the PS3 version Skate not being as good as the 360 version,” adding that it “was something we learned very quickly that we had to remedy on the second one.”

Despite this, DeLong reckons gamers will be hard pushed to tell the difference.

On the topic of whether there’ll be any noticeable differences between the two versions, DeLong said “not so much.”

“We’re definitely been developing [both versions] in parity.

“The goal is that if you put both versions side-by-side, you will not be able to tell the difference.”

Does anyone still notice deficiencies relative to the Xbox version in recent multi-platform titles? I thought the port quality flaws in games like F.E.A.R and Orange Box (Episode 2 and Portal) were wildly exagerated, however, many people that I trust have pointed out legitimate gripes with some other titles such as Call of Duty 3 (4 is great) and some sports game I can’t recall.

  • I loved skate 1, although with its technical glitches. Some went as far as to call it unplayable, but heck, it was playable, I played it.

    Skate 2 will run at 60fps, smooth as butter!

  • James

    What the hell is everyone on about? I thought the original Skate was amazing. Looked brilliant and ran smooth. Where’s the problem?

  • Andy

    I loved the original Skate too, I bought it after playing the PSN Demo to death!!

    Haven’t played it for a while though…I might have to revisit it this weekend.

    I never noticed any glitches, and I don’t know anyone with and XBox360, so can’t compare the quality of each title.


  • There were frame drops every few ‘kilometers’, which was exaggarated to death, like skipping a beat, but if you didn’t notice it, all the much better. I really can’t wait for the next installment.