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Demon Souls + White Knight Chronicles Trailers |


Demon Souls

Sounds like they have some ambitious design ideas. The trailer looks like an OK but fairly generic fantasy hack n slash title. The game title also sounds generic. Obviously, it’s still early in development.

White Knight Chronicles

This game will feature some kind of online mode. Details are sitll to come. This title is very near Japan release, so we should expect a near final demo build.

We should hear a ton more tomorrow.

  • In last night’s presentation of Level 5 and SCE, more details on the much anticipated RPG title for the Playstation 3, White Knight Story, has been revealed. We know for a fact that White Knight Story is one of the first RPG exclusive to ever hit the Playstation 3. With the details revealed to us, the game is looking to be more promising for us RPG fans.

    Let’s take a look on the details that’s been revealed so far:

    UPDATED: Thanks to GP’s Japanese Correspondent for full details!
    – White Knight Story’s story will have reference to the history and will be very emotional
    – Expect a lengthy gameplay
    – The history of the characters in the game will be very important to the story, not just the characters, but their ancestors as well
    – The game’s subtitle is “The Ancient Pulse”. The subtitle is a reference to both the importance of the history if each character and an important part of the story at the time the game takes place.
    – The game is an online RPG, MMORPG anyone?
    – The developers wanted to make a complex, epic storyline. The Lord of the Rings was their main inspiration for that.
    – It has both single player and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode is for 4 players only. single player is the story mode. the multiplayer mode is for hunting monsters
    -You get to customize your character when playing multiplayer. There’s lots of customization options. options include : shape of face and facial features, body type, facial hair, etc.
    – You can then go on quests and challenge the characters created by all other PSN users (indirectly)
    – Ability to chat with other people while playing online
    – Graphics will be guaranteed to please you
    – It seems like single player story is still the main focus of the game
    – The main character’s name is Leonard
    – You can also send game invites to your friends if they’re playing the singleplayer story mode, to join you in multiplayer
    – You earn skill points when you gain a level then use these skill points to unlock special techniques for your character to use. There’s a limit to how many you can have at once

    From the look so it, White Knight Story will be the next Final Fantasy XI MMO for the Playstation 3. It looks good but does it plays well? I can’t wait!