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This would be an awesome TGS Show! |

This virtual TGS show hosted within PlayStation Home would have been awesome:




Obviously, Sony has been working on it, but I’m guessing it just wasn’t ready yet. Being there with an avatar and feeling the buzz of the crowd would be a hundred times more exciting than reading a live blog transcription of the show.

The current Home beta is rather boring. It’s just a glorified chat room at the moment. Hopefully, they will deliver on the above screenshots..

In the meantime, did Sony do their show already? Are there going to be announcements? Are there still going to be 9 completely unheard of Sony-published PS3 reveals? Did they just flake out? I’m waiting another day…

  • Office Ninja

    That would be awesome. Hopefully we will there virtually next year. Also we’ll virtually be strolling through E3.

    I am not in on the Home Beta, but from what I’ve read its main problem it lacks content. If they would be able to put something like a virtual tour through the Tokyo Game Show, they would have a series system seller on there hands.

  • I’m beginning to think those 9 mystery games were someone’s wishful thinking. If the only other exclusive rpg they could muster is Demon Soul then they’ve got their work cut out for them in Japan this gen.

  • Sony’s showing at TGS was pitiful. Quite disappointing. Ah well, I have LBP, MotorStorm 2, and CoD5 to look forward to. Who needs TGS?

    Would have been nice to have Home by now. Those screenshots are quite the nice.

  • Sony added some content to Home yesterday (Drakes fortune rooms). Oddly some of it was “locked”, there was a couple rooms that you had to enter a secret code to go in. Weird.

    You are not missing much, Henning. Even after a year+ of development Home still feels like a tech demo, it lacks the polish of a real game; some major glitches like the sound fails and you have to go out of Home and back into it before it works again.

  • Can anybody list the eleven exclusives?