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Profile Support is IN LittleBigPlanet |

So the other day I got a beta invite for LittleBigPlanet, a mere five days before the beta is due to end. Ah well, I shouldn’t complain. I’m getting something for nothing, right? You can read about the beta from a ton of other sources, so I won’t go into that here.

But here’s the kicker.

When you’re in a game and add another player, you can choose if you want that player to be a guest of your main profile, or if you want that player to be tied to a different profile! Yay and hurrah! So two years after the release of the PS3, I finally had a reason to add a friend to my list of PS3 users. Sure enough, when he entered the game, he could choose his own profile. So next time he plays, he can again choose that profile, and get the character he made along with the costumes and everything he unlocked. What a lovely concept! It’s something that the 360 has been doing for three years now, and it’s finally on the PS3.

So, Sony, what other games are going to support this feature?

  • Yes, the profile support in LBP is nice. I do have one problem with it though, it insists on querying the user on startup for a profile for every connected controller – including the bluray remote, which means before I use LBP I have to take the battery out of the remote before using LBP. Maybe there is a way around that, but I have not found it so far.

  • Hmm, George, that’s pretty much the definition of a bug.. Can you take your time to report it? They may patch it on release day, with some luck. Even if there was some way to do it without removing the batteries, it should have been made obvious.

    The multi-login is superb, I hope multiplayer games should be required to do this from now on, allowing non-specific guest logins of course.

  • George: I don’t have that problem. You know you can turn off your remote just like you can with the controllers, right?

  • mrfodder

    Didn’t have that problem. You should be ok, if the controller is turned off.

  • Great, if it can be turned off..