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LittleBigPlanet: First Reviews |

The first reviews for LittleBigPlanet are hitting the www and so far they are very positive. Here’s just a taster of some of the reviews, firstly from Eurogamer:

The quality and diversity are already surprising. In reality, deep and rewarding gameplay will only feature in a tiny percentage of levels – it will take more professionally-designed levels to truly extend the lifespan of LittleBigPlanet as a platform game – but it doesn’t matter. As an endlessly renewable sideshow, a daily source of surprises and silliness, a genuinely new form of interactive entertainment, it’s a triumph – and one for which Media Molecule can actually only take some of the credit.

Next is C&VG:

LittleBigPlanet is a monumental achievement. ‘User generated content’ has been talked about in corners of the industry for the last few years but Sony has truly nailed it.

Its simple exterior as the most charming and inventive platformer ever only hides a level of accessible creative freedom like no other.

Media Molecule has given you the tools to create your own game, basically, and if you get into it as much we have, it’s all you’ll think about.

You’ll look for inspiration for levels, mechanical dilemmas or puzzles in every corner of your life. And in your sleep. It will take over your conversations with fellow players. You will become obsessed. You have been warned.

IGN’s Video review:

Although I have played the LBP BETA, I never tried to create any levels but what did hit me from the moment I moved my own customisable Sackboy around was how much fun it was. It has such a charm about it and is immense fun to play through. I never stopped smiling throughout the first hour I messed about in it.

I forced myself to stop playing it because I want everything to be so fresh when I get it later this month. I could’ve lost entire days in LBP. I instantly loved it that much.

That is what is important to me, more so than the ability to create your own levels, which is a great addition and the unique selling point to certain individuals. It is immense fun and a joy to play and that’s why I play videogames in the first place.

That’s why I think LBP will be a huge hit to both ‘casual’ gamers, who will be charmed into the world of LBP by Sackboy and his friends and the ‘hardcore’ gamers that will be willing to put in the time and effort to create their own little piece of LBP magic.

I can not wait!! 😀

  • ehandlr

    Sounds exactly like my experience. I made myself stop playing because i want it to be fresh. I can’t wait until next week.

  • Andy

    This game with shift PS3s like nobody’s business!

    Christmas will be a bumper time for Sony I think.

  • If Sony throws in a price drop I tend to agree. But they are going to have a hard time if the price is this high without some really good marketing effort. MS knows how to hype a product. Gears and $199 are going to be the catchphrase this Christmas. And with the economy throwing a damper on things. Saving a hundred on a games console may be the prudent thing that many families are going to do.

    That being said. I’ve got my PS3 and I’m going to pre-order a copy of LBP for myself this week. I might even pop for a Playstation eye. I expected a bigger marketing push from Sony on LBP. Where are the commercials. MS is beating the dead horse that is fable II. I can’t get on the internet without a stupid article about GOW or Fable II. And small things like the design of a gun, for Pete’s sake. Where’s the hype machine for Resistance 2? Why do all game title ads end with 360 logos’. They’re not exclusive but Joe Sixpack thinks that they run on the 360.
    Sorry to be a bit off topic but Sony needs to get it’s marketing together.

  • darrin

    Wow. Metacritic score of 96. The only PS3/360 game with a higher score is GTA4. This is the highest rated PS3/360 exclusive game to date.

    More importantly, the game itself really looks great. It sounds like there are a few valid gripes and glitches, but this game sounds amazing. Haven’t played the beta, but I definitely have this pre-ordered.

  • Did you notice the user score? 1500 people voted and it avaraged at 5.9 at the time of this writing. Are people 1-bombing? I have never seen such a disparity before.

  • Darrin

    Emrah, good catch, I missed that.

    Burnout Paradise: 174 user votes
    COD4: 280 user votes
    Silent Hill Homecoming: 18 votes
    Bioshock PS3 (not officially released): 12 votes
    LBP (a week before release): 1601 votes

    Those Metacritic user votes are clearly bogus: vote stuffers and haters. The game doesn’t even ship for another week, and is already flooded with negative votes from people who haven’t even played it.

  • mpz

    I pointlessly read some of the comments on one of the early reviews – eurogamer I think. Wow – i’ve never seen so many fanboys come out of the works to put down a game they haven’t even played. Really quite sad.

    Another thing I noticed – conspiracy time – unlike MS ‘news’ which seems to be simultaneously plastered and blasted across all news sites everywhere at the same time, the news is trickling out. Oh it’s certainly there and people are saying mostly great things about it (a few saying user-content may not work as it’s too complicated), but you definitely notice an order of magnitude degree of difference between ANY ms `news’ and everyone else (apart from perhaps apple rumours). Must be all their `great treatment’ of journalists and reporters. Unlike anyone else out there, MS can sink extraordinary amounts of illegally gained loot (it was convicted of being a monopoly remember) into marketing, hype generation, fake blog comments, reporter swag, and who knows what else (those things can be easily confirmed). And they are determined to `win at any cost’.

    Back on topic – LBP looks fantastic. And if reports of the beta are any guide, the user-generated content will be a big thing. And remember, word of mouth is still the most effective marketing tool – it will surely sell itself, as well as systems (but I should imagine a few tv spots will kick start it).