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SOCOM Confrontation: What Makes This Unique? |


SOCOM Confrontation has just been officially released. I’ve never played a SOCOM title before, but here’s what I know.

  • It’s a military shooter with multiplayer focus. It has a more realistic or simulation perspective compared to most other shooters. The main platform was the PS2, but there are also several editions of this on PSP.
  • Based on most play-time stats, this was the most popular online game of last-generation (PS2/Xbox 1/GameCube). Not only was the online play more popular than any other PS2 game, but it was even more popular than Halo 1 or 2 on the first Xbox, which is very surpising, given that this series is rarely mentioned in most media/online coverage.
  • Loyal fanbase. I personally know people who are huge fans and cite this as their all time favorite multiplayer experience, although I can’t see what makes this special.

Can any fans of the series give this a shot? What makes this series different from the rest? There are several popular military multiplayer shooters already on the PS3 such as COD4, Warhawk, and Resistance. There are also other high quality multiplayer shooters such as MGS:O and UT3 or more similar titles like GRAW 2 that aren’t getting as much attention. What is there about SOCOM to get excited about?

BTW, if you are a little weary of the shooter genre look at the bright side: think of game genres like restaurant genres. If there is only one Chinese restaurant in town, it usually isn’t any good. But when you find a whole bunch of them in one area, they usually inspire each other and compete with each other so that you can find some amazing places. Likewise, the high quantity of 3D shooters all competing together contributes to detailed refinement and excellence within the genre.

  • I checked out the Beta for SOCOM and I don’t think I’ll be getting it. I know a lot of people are getting the blu-ray bundle just for the headset and that is tempting. So I’m not sure yet. I wish the headset alone was cheaper.

  • Abdulelah

    I don’t know.. but I hate the way soldiers go beyond objects without jumping them… they just walk and bypass it… nothing else… you can’t see the soldier performing a jump or anything.. just walking…

    Moreover, they pay NO attention to the Arabic language they are using… it goes left-to-right while it should be right-to-left…

    SOCOM was the 1st game that introduce multiplayer mode in the PS2 is I am not mistaken… and that was eough at that time to grant them success!

    But nowadays, they need to something more attractive to convince people and success.

  • Office Ninja

    There are a few things that made this franchise so successful and popular. At the time when the first game was released, it was one of the first online PS2 titles, it also came bundled with a headset that you were able to use in the single and multiplayer campaigns. Also SOCOM came out before Ghost Recon, so at the time the games controls were new and innovative.

    I haven’t been in on the beta. I think the game looks good, but it is facing some tough competition from the other holiday titles. I would have bought this with out hesitation a few months ago. I still might pick it up at some point. In reality the game is only $20.00.

  • Pc

    Well, i picked up the bundled version and the headset is very nice (very good sound quality). The game is pretty good….very detailed. Not the best looking shooter thats out right now, but nice. Supports all hd outputs (including 1080p), and has top notch sound quality! The gun shots and explosions are the best to date! The game play is much slower than COD4, but that’s expectable since this is not the same type of game. It tries to achieve a little more realism…..
    The only downside that i see right now, is the fact that the servers are already down and it’s only day one. I got to play about 45 minutes, then i got kicked off and can’t get back on 🙁

  • I played the BETA and thought it was pretty average in every aspect. I just didn’t get into it at all.

  • Is this game worth the 10 dollars? I am buying for the headset, if I ever.

  • GOLDen

    COD4 too fast, MGO too slow, SOCOM just right.
    Playing SOCOM since No 1. Will probably play MAG.
    Loyal looser… meaning for lol ….. lol

  • Unique for not supporting Trophies out of the box..

    Really, a first-party developer not supporting their party…

  • I’ve been playing SOCOMs since the beta of the first one.
    I like it because:-
    It doesn’t take itself seriously.
    It’s not arcadey, it’s not a sim. Sort of in-between.
    The non-spawn games remind me of my days in a paintball team – a brief flurry of activity, followed by beingh hit and then chit-chat & fun in the ‘dead zone’.
    It’s a great online game to play when having a night in on the beers.
    The playing field is quite level (personal skill excepted) – no kill x opposition to get y which enables you to see/kill even more (CoD4, I’m thinking of you there).
    The original SOCOMs had PTT comms, none of that open-comms where you get to hear kids’ parents calling them for their dinner, or where you all hear nothing thanks to one player having their speakers up too loud. Although, they finally listened to our beta feedback and now have PTT comms for chat to team, and location-based to talk to players near you (I believe Halo does this).
    Dancing on dead bodies. Nuff said.
    Custom text-based taunts – AYBABTS, and the like.
    6min game rounds. Doesn’t matter if you died, there’s another round in a minute.

    And thanks to SOCOM I’ve been on the PS beta trials ever since, and have got to play some excellent (and some shoddy) games for free.

    And along the way I bumped into OAP – founded by others that were on the original EU SOCOM beta, and have been with them ever since.

    It’s all about the fun. Not the fraggin’.