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More Resistance 2 Beta Co-Op Impressions |



  • Game Balance Issue #1: Impossible to fail. As long as one player is alive, all other players will be on an auto respawn timer. As long as one player hangs back and avoids the action, the team will always respawn and can never lose. One player can even stand his character in a corner and put the game controller down and the team is invincible. What they should do, is remove the auto-respawn (only allow respawns by teammate revives) and allow the medic to do distance revivals or corpse drags. Or there should be some penalty for high death counts (maybe your weapons should degrade until the end of the round)
  • Game Balance Issue #2: The solider’s shield: This renders the player nearly invincible to most frontal attacks. If you have a spec-ops guy constantly feeding ammo to the solider so that the shield never dies, you have a nearly unstoppable duo with minimal skill.
  • Bugs: I know this is a “beta”, but the game has supposedly gone gold. I can’t play split-screen at all (the menus are there, but I get various errors) and competitive mode stats seemed to not work.



  • Concept is a Winner. The MMO style co-op is just awesome. Even with the issues cited above, and the limited amount of map content in the beta, the game is easy to get into, addicting, and a huge amount of fun.
  • Random level sequencing: From what I can tell, there is one map in the beta, but every play through gives you a randomly sequenced subset of the available battles and bosses. This makes replays more enjoyable because even when much of the content is repeated, there are often a few surprises, and the ordering of the content isn’t predictable.
  • Rjcc

    nice breakdown, how does the mmo-style scoring/leveling work?

  • Trieloth

    The co-op is intense and loads of fun. The points system is addictive as well. The versus is neat and has lots of other guns you get to use, but Iam more into team work aspect right now.

  • Darrin

    scoring/leveling: you get xp points for killing enemies, completing levels, and also for healing (medic) or supplying ammo to team mates (spec ops). You level up with XP and it unlocks side weapon choices and “berserk” power choices (that’s a special power you can use when your meter charges up).

    You also get “gray tech” points when you kill bosses and you can use those to buy a different set of upgrades.

    The leveling/upgrading system is fun, but it’s much less advanced and customizable than the good MMOs (I’m thinking of WoW).

  • I was in the private beta, and it did not inspire me to buy this product. The player was hard to control. The screen got blurry (on purpose) when being shot, which was very annoying. The graphics weren’t very good – the lighting was bad. It just seemed like a very disconnected experience. It was like Insomniac created a B team to handle this game. I know this was a beta, but it was terrible.

    Right now, R2 is not in my must-buy bin in my mind. I’m especially disappointed that Insomniac has now confirmed that there is no 4 player split screen of any kind. I plan on renting to see what it’s like.

    Has the public beta improved? Has it inspired you to want to buy this product? Is it more fun than R1?

  • i am a big COD4 fan and it’s pretty much all i play, but when another fps comes along i do consider buying, but from what i have seen and read so far, i am not convinced, especially when cod: world at war is coming out. How do you think it compares to cod?

  • Resistance won’t be getting my money this time around: I don’t want to control a floating gun (no headbob when walking), and the über-gentle 200 feet monster that carefully picks you up and gently throws you into the air without squashing your mere existence was a turn-off. C’mon, that’s some seriously stupid writing for the sake of ‘awesomeness’.

  • Watcher

    I’m currently playing beta. It’s lots of fun and it’s on my day one list.

    Emrah, you mentioned not wanting to control a “floating gun”. You just eliminated almost every FPS out there. Head-bobbing just simulates a floating gun a little better, but it’s still a floating gun. You of course have your choice of floating hands and detached feet in other FPS’ but in the end you can’t attack a FPS title this way without attacking the genre.

    This game will become the 4th FPS I ever owned. I’m very picky when it comes to this genre because they’re a dime a dozen and most of them are designed to be 2 min rollercoaster rides. This game brings the fun factor of CoD4 back so I’m all for it.

  • Trieloth

    Well I have the CoD:waw beta for my 360 and I will not even consider buying that game. It had the same ***t as CoD4. I took it off my reserve list. The co-op in R2 is the most fun I have had in years. The graphics arnt mind blowing but what do you expect when there are 60 players runing around shooting at each other, seriously? Oh wait Iam defending video games again, sorry…game on

  • Office Ninja

    UGHHH! I preordered this about a month ago and they never sent me the email with the beta redeem code. I emailed GameStop, they asked for more info, then I sent an email with the info they requested. So as of now, I am playing the waiting game. I can’t wait to get in and give it a try. The MMO aspect sounds really cool.

  • HarryAshcrack

    I was invited to the private beta. I played it for about 5 minutes and turned it off because I thought the graphics were terrible. When I was invited to the public beta I thought I would give it another try. The graphics are still pretty bad but the game is a lot of fun. The co-op is great. I play it all the time. I like it better than the regular old team death matches. Different experience every time. Can’t wait to play it with all the other levels.

  • ehandlr

    Office Ninja..try this code (or whoever gets it first) PAD6-MTBE-QH9N.

    I can’t promise it works…since I did post it elsewhere..but nobody confirmed they were using it.

    Anyways….I agree with all who are disappointed in the graphics and a few other things. It lacks the Resistance 1 feel.

    I’m still getting it…however I’m much less impressed with it this time around.

  • Office Ninja

    @ehandlr , thanks so much! I really appreciate the offer. That was really cool. GameStop finally got back to me though. I have my code and will finally be getting to try it out tonight. If some one else can use the code, try it out.

    I’m disappointed to hear about the graphics though. I guess I’ll get to check it out tonight.

  • HarryAshcrack

    Don’t worry too much about the graphics they will not haunt you for too long. Play some co-op and you will forget about them. The classes and upgrades are really cool too. Lots of replayability in this game.

  • Damn, an MMO FPS, I am going to be addicted, well better get used to nights of long playing, I mean cod4 is hardly an MMO yet I have played that for weeks!

  • hobbes

    @ehandlr, THANKS DUDE. have been hoping to get into this beta.

  • ehandlr

    No problem…glad it didn’t go to waste.

  • Office Ninja

    Ok. So I finally got to play it last night. I’m really impressed! The retail game will have tons of replay value between the single player, co-op, and competitive modes. I think it’s really a great idea to have the co-op so different from the other modes. It adds a whole new dimension to the game. The third person, Strategic, MMO style is a much welcomed addition. Also the competitive portion ran smooth as silk and was a blast. I have no complaints about the graphics. They didn’t blow me away, but at the same time they were not bad at all for a beta.

  • I gave R2 public beta another shot last night (first impression wasn’t that earth shattering) and I would have to say, after spending a few more hours with it, it is pretty cool. I’d definately pick it up if it was the right price or I had extra cash.

    –The online Co-op is great. I spent about an hour on that and it was pretty cool.

    –Online team play was fun. The first game I played degenerated into a sniper fest, but it was still fun. The game seems to re-spawn you fairly intelligently, so if some dude is doing excessive kills it will spawn an enemy behind them. Maybe not fair to the dude but more fun for everyone else.

    Does anyone know how long the public beta lasts for?

  • Rjcc

    just got my beta code from PSU – RjccVIII on psn

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