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Amazing Resistance 2 Advertisement |

This is on Wilshire Avenue in Los Angeles. I wish I could see this in person. So who is picking up Resistance 2?

  • I might after I get done with LBP and Fallout. Both huge Time burners. My 360 fanboy friend got into the beta and says it’s a GOOD shooter. But he’s still drooling at the mouth for GOW2. Not a big shooter fan myself. Resistance was fun but it was the only game around at the time. Now there are a ton of new games coming out for the PS3 and budgets are not unlimited. I may drop a few game purchases to pick up an Eyetoy and a bluetooth headset. I might get SOCOM just for the headset. Maybe they should pack in the Bluetooth headset with R2. That would do a lot to convince me to buy R2.



  • I tried out the public beta, and it’s fallout 3 for my money this month.

    (I bet Fallout has a monster that goes “RARRR!” too, and a whole lot more…)

  • Office Ninja

    I’m in! But I will also be getting LBP and Mirror’s Edge (as a Xmas gift). I agree some many great games, so little time and money.

  • darrin

    R2 and LBP are the only two games that I’m REALLY excited about this holiday. And not at all because they are PS3… Everything else seems to be flawed: Dead Space looks very good, but short of amazing, Rock Band 2 seems like a minor upgrade, I already finished Bioshock on PC, I hated Oblivion so I’m not gung-ho about Fallout, Persona 4 and Valkyria just aren’t my thing, and I’m interested in Mirror’s Edge and End War, but those are wait and see titles rather than got to have them pre-orders. SOCOM looks awful. I haven’t played it, and I pre-ordered it for the headset, but the buzz doesn’t sound good.

  • Oh, it’s that stupid big yet caring monster.

  • Trev

    that advert is badass.

  • James

    is it real? looks like it could have been photoshopped

  • John

    Oblivion left a sour taste for me too, so I’ll be holding back from Fallout.
    Not too fond of shooters, so I’ll wait for R2 to hit the bargain bin.
    However Valkyria Chronicles got all my attention 😀

  • SH

    I live right across the street and saw it when they were putting it up! It looks pretty sweet! Wilshire is a main street out here in LA so its great promotion for the game and the PS3 brand!