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Home Beta Available for only $2.99 |

That’s right act now and we’ll even throw in a issue of Qore. I had a feeling that the Home Beta would pop up in Qore eventually. The November issue should be out in early November. If your a Annual Qore customer just download the November issue.

So will you be buying Qore for the Home Beta? I think a lot of people will. Or do you think Sony just should have let it be a open Beta and let everyone in to test it out?

But if you do try Home out we’ll have to meet up in Home and talk about it there πŸ™‚

November issue of Qore takes us Home

  • $2.99 to access the Home BETA. No thanks. πŸ˜•

    That is absurd. They should make it a public BETA to really test it out, not plump access in with Qore.

  • Tom P

    I certainly won’t be buying this either, Gary.

    Does anyone actually get Qore? It’s always seemed somewhat pointless to me, given the huge number of PS3 blogs and news sites.

  • I think Qore is pretty lame for the most part. The news and movies in the Qore issues aren’t worth the $2.99 I think. And could be found online usually. I bet a lot of people bought Qore in hopes to get into Betas.

  • Trev

    i resent the idea of paying for a beta. i heard people were buying LBP keys for $90 earlier this month. that’s absurd!

  • Office Ninja

    I totally agree that the beta should have been open to the public. Paying for a beta/demo defeats the whole purpose of a beta. I have got a few issues of Qore for free with the Official Playstation magazine. The videos are a nice addition, but you are basically paying for them to advertise to you.

    That being said, I will spend the $3.00 to check out Home. With all of the hype surrounding home, I am very curious and excited to finally get to check it out. And besides, it’s only $3.

  • That $3 would be better spent on a Dunkin’ Donut!! πŸ˜‰

  • John

    No way.


    yeah …. Dunkin Donuts !

  • darrin

    I got Home beta for free. I’ve said this before, but right now it’s lame (glorified chat room), but I still believe it has huge potential. I’m a little disappointed it’s developing as slowly as it is.

    I don’t care about $2.99, but I’d save your time and wait for Home to be fleshed out a little more.

  • Office Ninja

    Now I want a donut also.

  • mpz

    The idea of Qore isn’t bad — it’s another revenue raiser for Sony no doubt — which helps keep PSN free for all of us.

    It’s really just the closed beta winding up, so I don’t see how anyone could complain about it being part of Qore, more than they could about not getting an invite in the first place. I think after waiting so long, most of us don’t care any more and/or will wait a bit longer, and there’s always LBP … when it finally gets here … at the end of next bloody week … (in anz)