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New Blu-ray movies for the week 10.27.08 |

Lots of uh .. meh movies this week. And isn’t it a little early to be coming out with Christmas Blu-ray movies. How about more horror Blu-rays? Well anything for you this week?

* Baraka
* Beat the Devil
* Dead Space: Downfall
* Elf
* Essential Holiday Collection (The Polar Express / National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation / Elf / A Christmas Story)
* The Final Countdown
* Hell Ride
* Journey to the Center of the Earth
* Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
* The Polar Express Presented in 3-D
* Tinker Bell
* Zombie Strippers!
* 4/20 Live in Seattle
* Cruel World
* Chihuly in the Hotshop
* Eye on Extreme Monster Trucks
* Eye on Extreme Professional Bull Riding
* The Final Patient
* Jack and the Beanstalk
* Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
* Jewel: The Essential Live Songbook
* Jewels
* Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 1-6
* Last Time I Saw Paris
* Mysterious Island
* The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding
* The Prince & Me 3: A Royal Honeymoon
* The Terror
* Zoroastre

  • Has anybody seen Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter??? 😆

    That is insane! I think I have got to check that movie out.

    EDIT: I’ve found a trailer for it!!

    Words fail me! I still have to see that movie. 😆

  • Darrin

    I’ve heard that Baraka is *the* title to show off a nice home theater setup. I can’t wait to pick up an HDTV 🙂

    Wow, ton of content this week. I’m glad to see more availability of HiFi music content.

  • Trev

    i’m intrigued by the dead space prologue.

    still awaiting casino royale, transformers and cloverfield! 😀