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PS3 Outselling 360 On Third Party Software |

This is somewhat surprising. By looking at the USA NPD numbers, multiplatform software generally sells roughly twice as well on the 360 as it does on the PS3.

However, when looking at financial statements from EA, Namco Bandai, Konami, and Ubisoft, their worldwide totals show the opposite: PS3 is actually moving more software on a worldwide basis.

According to EA’s previous financial statement, the PS3 accounted for about 17% of total revenue in comparison to the Xbox 360’s 10%.

According to [Namco Bandai’s] recent financial statement, the PS3 currently moved approximately 57% more software than it’s direct competitor, the Xbox 360

according to Konami’s recent financial statements, the PS3 accounted for a whopping 57.3% of the sales this past quarter, while the Xbox 360 accounted for only 2.6%.

According to UbiSoft’s half year financial report (6 months 2008/09), the PS3 accounted for about 20% of the software sales compared to the Xbox 360’s 14%.

The Konami numbers aren’t very telling since their main title of the past quarter, MGS4, was PS3 exclusive. However, Namco, EA, and Ubisoft? Namco seems to be releasing much more 360 exclusives, so it’s very surprsing that the company still gets more revenue from PS3 sales. I suspect this may be because Namco releases more 360 software in the west, but in Japan, they release more of those weird titles on the PS3 that westerners generally don’t care or hear about.

  • mpz

    Something to do with that little thing called `The Rest Of The World’, perhaps? It’s quite a big place – go fire up folding @ home and go have a look! 😉

    Only numbers from limited shops in North America and sales in Japan are reported regularly. But the EU is a big market too, and the PS3 has been doing rather much better over there. Smaller markets like AU and NZ help prop up the numbers as well i’m sure.

    I wonder if piracy is much of a problem with those hacked consoles?

    I’d be interested in seeing the Wii numbers for 3rd parties … I wonder if they’re making any decent money … ahh there are some in the comments.

    The EA results are interesting – the PS2 is on-par with the Xbox 360, particularly considering the original Xbox is more than dead. The Wii is well behind – only 7%. And the PSP is even out-doing the DS, but maybe they don’t do many DS games, since Ubisoft seems to be making big dough on DS. xbox and wii numbers are trending down though, while the ps3 numbers are up everywhere … which is interesting, although things also look rather volatile (‘360 had a killer christmas last year for EA). I also wonder if the recent 360 price drop will have a big upward push, or not – do cheaper console buyers buy as many full priced games for example?

  • This is strange, because almost every multiplatform game seems to sell better on Xbox360, on vgchartz, at least.

    Maybe the sales are not unit sales but the value of sales as income, if Sony is taking less royalties than MS, this could be possible.

  • Please people, are we that naive? The main reason as to why ps3 moves more in $$$ then the XBox360 is … *drumroll* The PS3 is not hacked and the XBox360 is. Almost every XBox360 owner I know is a pirate.

    They leach the latest games from news servers and/or P2P networks sometimes even a week before a game is in the store. I think there will be a shift towards PS3 from publishers out, just because PS3 owners actually buy their games.

    With the shift I mean that I think that publishers will encourage their developers to create games for PS3 first and then migrate them for XBoX360’s (and wii’s altough software attach rate is abysmal for wii)

    In the current gen, the PS3 is the only machine that is not hacked yet (by my knowledge)

  • Darrin

    If piracy was more rampant on a given platform, I would expect lower software sales (fewer legit purchases) and higher hardware sales (more demand for the hardware which isn’t easy to steal). NPD shows 360 doing much more software sales than the PS3 in the U.S, which suggests piracy isn’t a huge issue. I know console piracy does happen on a substantial scale, but I’m not convinced that that is a primary factor in this.

  • Syrione

    Actually in the US piracy may not be an issue but anywhere else it is that’s why the #s speak for itself. But regardless software companies will still base their decision on console sales #s. This is also why the PS3 is not selling well as in most 3rd world and 2nd world countries piracy matters a lot.

    On a technical note red ring of death on a 360 is “uncurable” even when the prototypes didn’t have that problem, many technicians say it’s actually an intended manufacturer defect. Why, because if you do pirate a game you have to have a modchip therefore voiding warranty. So after 6-12 month your XBox360 is either a money eater or a paper weight. Repair shops says it can be repaired now, but it needs to be repaired every month (for about 25 dollars ) or change the motherboard for (125 dollars who makes the parts M$ does so M$ still makes money on modded units) which might only last 6-12 months as well. On this note if ever the PS3 does get hacked it will out sell the 360 on other fronts (just like the PS2) except the US probably.

  • Office Ninja

    Very interesting. I’m not sure if piracy is the main factor here not.

    I just hope that third party developers start showing the PS3 the love it deservers. Third party developers should at the very least start using the PS3 as the lead platform for development. Most of the developers mentioned release multiplatform titles anyway, so unfortunately I don’t think this will mean more exclusives.

  • François

    Third party are slowly getting behind the ps3 based on their prediction of the market which seem to favor the ps3. But people need to get behind the console as well, we have seen the 360 slightly passing the ps3 over the last month console sales. I believe that given the financial crisis, price may end up the decisive factor for many and ps3 may lose its momentum for the holiday season. I hope I am wrong.

  • JimmyStewart

    Very surprising indeed. I agree that it probably has nothing to do with piracy, but at the same time I’m not really sure what does explain it. Just in terms of title availability it doesn’t make much sense.

    Just off the top of my head I wonder if it has anything to do with the first party exclusives. I mean on the 360 if you’re buying the top shooters you’ll buy Gears of War or Halo. Those will move huge numbers. Only after that do you move on to the games like Call of Duty. Mass Effect also probably moved some numbers. On the PS3 I’d imagine an FPS gamer would start at Call of Duty and then perhaps move on to Resistance. The biggest selling points of the 360 are probably it’s first party software, on the PS3 you’re mostly left with games available on both consoles. I know that when we stop in the games store we can rarely find anything worth buying on the PS3 that isn’t a third party title (i.e. that we don’t already own on the 360). But the PS3 is making some progress with LBP, a game that makes up for the first party titles like Viva Pinata and Banjo that my wife is in love with. But for our house the biggest game will be here next March… God of War 3. I’m already predicting that to be my game of the year for 09.

  • Well darrin, since microsoft claims that their hardware sales are so high, how about looking at software sales per hardware unit sold for a number of cross platform games?

    Microsoft also touts that their software attach rate is higher then the PS3, altough I still need to see those numbers too.

    Unless more data is released or being compiled into other views on the market, we will not know per sé why ps3 games move more cash to the publishers then xbox games

  • Hmm, I’m not sure what the explanation is. EA’s second quarter reports seems to put it back into X360’s favor.
    X360 25%
    PS3 11%
    PS2 6%
    Wii 4%
    PC 10%
    DS 5%
    PSP 4%

    You can see some interesting figures about “PLATFORM NET REVENUE MIX” at this link.