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Home Beta only Available to Annual Qore Subscribers |

That’s pretty lame Sony …. at the very least the open beta is still set for 2008.

As an update to the PLAYSTATION(R)3 News email sent on Friday, October 24th, the special invitation to PlayStation(R)Home’s closed beta is available only to Qore annual subscribers who purchased subscriptions by 10/29. Qore Episode 06 purchasers will not be eligible for the special PlayStation(R)Home beta invitation at this time. We apologize for the miscommunication.

Qore Episode 6 Home Beta Update

  • canguy69

    Ya know what bugs me? That a press release goes out stating the next issue of Qore (subscription or episode) will have home beta invite. This episode comes out next week, right? On Oct. 30 we receive an e-mail stating this is all incorrect and that it only applies to subscriptions bought before the 29th(the day before the e-mail). I wouldn’t have bought the subscription even if I had advance warning but I’m sure some one would have. I hope this “you have a chance, oops no you don’t” is because they didn’t want the negative press for charging $2.99 for what is hopefully 1.5 weeks before full release (if the rumours of a Nov. 19th release are accurate).

  • JimmyStewart

    Yeah that seemed shady as hell. Sorry for those of you still looking forward to this. I’m a Qore subscriber who’s already in the beta, somewhat ironically I think Home is terrible. I was almost excited that making the beta public would mostly eliminate the obligation I feel to participate in the beta at all. I could finally free up that space.

    I wonder if I’ll get a code I can give away.

    I hadn’t heard the rumors of November 19th release date, but I see that as really hard to believe. Is the rumor that they were saving it to try and compete with the new Xbox update, as that’s the date that will be coming out. AFAIK there was a rumor to put out an open public beta in November and I assumed this was it (the timing seems about right). Last I heard the full release was still a ways off. Based upon what’s in Home right now I’d hope the “full release” isn’t anytime soon. It feels far from complete and most of the features I was looking for haven’t been implemented yet.

  • canguy69

    Ya the closed beta was rumoured to be updating to 1.0 for the new wave of qore invites. Then open beta the same day as NXE.

  • darrin

    The more important priority, is building Home into something good enough to give to the public.

    They’re not there yet. The product just isn’t good enough yet. At this point, it really doesn’t matter how they run the beta program or who they let in and how… They need to make the product better.

    For comparison, LittleBigPlanet has exceeded my expectations… Home has fallen short thus far (of course I expect it to improve with further dev effort).

  • Trieloth

    hehe, sure glad I have it already. Did you really think buying one episode would get you in? I can see why the are slowly letting people in, cuz at times its way to crowded and you cant play the certain games that you want anyhow.
    I think Home is really cool and has alot of great ideas. Granted everything isnt there yet (TVs, my own pictures, more outfits). If your expectations are to freaking high then yeah it will disapoint. (It seems like sony has alot on there plate right now anyways)…In order to enjoy it more though everyone on my buddy list needs to have it so we can start games together hang out and chat. Sitting in the chat box in the xmb is super boring and stupid now. Right now people are some what friendly, but its like going to the local mall and expecting people to talk and be cool.

  • Trieloth

    oops forgot…I know I payed for the sub. to Qore. But isnt the Home deal FREE? I find it strange for people to complain about free stuff.

  • Darrin

    I praise or criticize movies, games, and TV shows regardless of how much I paid or if it was free. I’m much less critical of those $2 PlayStation Eye novelty titles because it was generally understood that they were just experimental novelty titles.

    My expectations for Home, at least what Home can be, are much larger.