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Sony Fiscal Q2 Financials |

Sony’s Fiscal Q2 2008 = Calendar Q3 2008. Here is the game division overview:


(official report here)

Noteworthy points:

  • Sony, as a company overall, is still making a profit. Overall net income was 20.8 billion yen. This is way down from last year’s 73.7 billion yen, but the company is definitely still in the black. Sony’s biggest division in terms of both expenses, revenues, and profits is consumer electronics (HDTVs, cameras, laptops, DVD/Blu-Ray players, etc).
  • Game business is losing money, 39.5 billion yen, but loses are way down from last year’s 96.7 billion yen.
  • It’s easy to forget, but Sony still sells both more PS2 hardware and software than PS3 software and hardware. I wonder if or how they are counting PSN purchases.
  • Overall software sales are down slightly since PS2 sales dropped more than PS3 sales rose.
  • Overall R&D spending is slightly up for 2008. I’m hoping some of this is increased investment in PS3 game development, although there public statements don’t give this detail.
  • Thing is, I’d love to buy another ps3 unit, but I cannot sell that to my wife 😀
    I actually tried to convince her to let me import a white ps3 because that one looks better in our living room and then I’d move the old ps3 to our computer / hobby room… I tought that would clinch the deal, but she didn’t bite 🙁