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LittleBigPlanet |

Games are usually designed around a fundamental challenge of completing objectives, whether it’s defeating enemies, building an empire, or escaping from danger. Great games engross the player in the challenge and get them hooked and poor games usually try to do this, but fail because the challenge feels too repetitive, or too frustrating, or the game just fails to draw them in.

LittleBigPlanet has that core element of challenge as a traditional platforming game but that’s really not what the game is about. The basic platforming elements are generally very easy. Merely beating the levels or getting points isn’t very satisfying by itself. The fun part about this game is discovering all the cool designs, and tricks, and ideas that go into each level. Even with the pre-packaged levels, I’m constantly surprised and amused with what I discover. And, obviously, with the user-created levels, it’s a ton of fun to see all the different concepts that people were able to execute.


Already, there are a ton of completely entertaining user levels. A good example is a level that someone recreated from the first level of the classic NES game, Super Mario Brothers. The level isn’t challenging and I definitely wouldn’t want to play a whole Mario Brothers game like that, but it was fully entertaining to play the level, and see how many little touches they were able pull off and how they did it. And that level isn’t even close to the best user level I played (Touch of Color is an easy favorite level so far).

The other fun part of this game is using the level editor itself. Most regular players probably won’t take it so far that they are making polished, prize-winning levels, but plenty of people will have a ton of fun making simpler goofy levels and just having a blast while doing it.

Most gamers remember the previous era of user-created content for games like Lode Runner, Eamon, Wolf 3D, Doom, Quake, and Marathon. One big difference between that era of user-created content and something like LittleBigPlanet is that previously, there was a big lack of professsionally made games. Today, there is just so much more content on the market and it’s so much easier for regular gamers to get. Previously, user created content generally aimed to fulfill the lack of games to play, while today, user-created content is more about providing community expression that is missing from more traditional games.

Everyone is wondering, will this game be a commercial hit? Will this title unleash tons of entertaining ideas and concepts from the community? Is this title going to start a new a new genre of gaming? No one knows, but this game delivers the most novelty we’ve seen all year and this title is clearly the first to usher in a distinctively new era of user-created game content.


  • Johan

    I just got this game last night and wanted to spread the word about a HUGE bug/flaw; the game does NOT work with 3rd party controllers.

    I have 2 Logitech PS3 controllers in addition to the official Sony one that came with my PS3. The game works fine with the Sony one, but not with the Logitech ones. They can’t even navigate any menus, and you can’t play the game with one.

    When I had only the logitech controller connected, LBP would just sit there asking me to hit the PS button to get started. I hit the button the logitech controller and it just takes me back to the crossbar/menu on the PS3.

    It’s VERY unfortunate that this game (otherwise brilliant) would have such a HORRIBLE and DEBILITATING flaw. I’ve been in the Sony camp since the beginning, but this could be the straw that breaks the camels back. I can’t play multiplayer, which was the main reasons why I wanted to play this game.

    Sony needs to know this isn’t acceptable and needs to fix this bug/flaw ASAP. Only Sony could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • How’s it Sony’s fault that 3rd party controllers may not work with the game? I never by 3rd party controllers myself.

  • François

    We had a game night last saturday at my place, we played LBP for 4 hours straigth and we all had a blast. This is a very good party game, people (boys and girls) were easily able to pick up and understand the game. What I found the most interesting is all the talking that happens between players when they play. You need to cooperate to get through a stage and you are at the same time in competition with others.

  • Office Ninja

    I have been glued to this game since it was released. Before I tried the beta I was a little skeptical, but I am in love with this game. I have really enjoyed collecting the prize bubbles in the story level. The game designers really did some impressive things with the editing tools. As I have sat through the tutorials and played the levels, I have really got an understanding and appreciation for how the levels were created. I have a few ideas in mind for my own level. I’m going to try to build mine this weekend.

    I just realized that Resistance 2 is releasing tomorrow… I am still really looking forward to it… but I feel like I’m not ready for it yet. I still need a few more months with LBP.

  • François

    It is easy to forget all the other recently released games with LBP.

  • spentoner

    This game is really great. LBP had some issues in the beginning with online play but they seemed to have sorted it out. The level creation is amazing. Check out my level, The King’s Castle.

    My PSN ID is spentoner, add me and I’ll check out your levels.

  • Office Ninja

    @spentoner: I’ll check it out tonight. I am in the middle of working on mine. I’m hoping to finish it over the weekend. My PSN ID is kdiggyd123

  • I just got back from vacation yesterday and picked up the game last night. I was hoping that the controls would have been finessed a little since the beta, but no luck. I still find it quite hard to jump to exactly where I want to go.