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Poll: You. LittleBigPlanet. Buy? |

LittleBigPlanet was recently released, and I picked up my copy yesterday. So the question of the day week is: are you going to buy LittleBigPlanet?

Vote in the sidebar as always.

Oh, and BTW, LBP does have profile support. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last poll’s results:

Are you looking forward to home?

* Yes, I think it will immediately provide a huge benefit.: 36% (81)
* Yes, but I think it’ll need to mature.: 36% (82)
* No, but it may suprise me.: 21% (48)
* Home? Junk!: 7% (15)

Total Votes : 226

  • Yes, very soon.

    It’s not out in Europe yet…

  • Carl;)G

    Yes.I.Did.Today.Buy.LittleBigPlanet ;-P Came out today in the U.K ๐Ÿ˜‰
    It’s Brilliant, 10/10 Easy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Argh!! I asked in a store yesterday, and they said it wouldn’t be out in Denmark until the 7th of November. But they could be wrong or perhaps it just gets out later here?

  • Burten

    @ Glitch

    LBP has release 071108 in all Scandinavian, so we have to wait.
    Just one more day left.

    Stephen Fry has the english voice in LBP. Harald Eia has the norwegian voice.
    Do you know who has the danish voice?

  • John

    No LBP for me right now. Valkyria Chronicles is the name of the game!

  • Solid_Nat

    Getting this next week and i cant wait. After been involved in the BETA it only served to whet my appetite for this great game. GOTY for me hands down..

    It appeals to everyone, even me misses….. only Ratchet and Clank has done that so far.

  • @Burten:
    Apparently the Danish voice belongs to a guy called Torbjรธrn Hummel. He is an actor and is also frequently used as a speaker in Several Danish tv-shows.

    You can see his IMBD-profile here.

  • Gary

    I intend to get it at some point. No idea when.

  • ehandlr

    Already have and the game is crazy fun.

  • JimmyStewart

    I was intending to get it, but went for Banjo and Kazooie instead. At first I made the jump due to a limited budget. I’ve got a list of about 10 games I want to buy coming out this holiday season. Seeing Banjo and Kazooie providing a similar experience for $40 and throw in the N64 classic for free… I was sold. But the more I hear about LBP the less I think I’d want to buy it even if money weren’t a problem. It sounds like a build your own game, and I don’t have the time or desire to do much with that. It seems really creative and an interesting idea, somewhat like a youtube for game design. But to what is given to you doesn’t warrant $60. If I’m going to depend on myself or other users to actually build the levels for the game I’m going to want to pay something closer to $20-30. Shame too, outside of Resistance 2 it was the only PS3 title I had in my list.

  • I’ve just bought LBP and is putting it into the PS3 now. ๐Ÿ˜€