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LBP Buyer’s Remorse? |

I got back from vacation on Tuesday evening and soon secured my pre-ordered copy of LittleBigPlanet (and got a free T-shirt too that my daughter is wearing to school today). I didn’t get much time to play it on Tuesday night, but I managed to put in some more time last night.

It’s not that fun.

I mean, it’s alright. The Sackboy is cute and all, and the levels I found online are somewhat interesting. Some of the stuff users are coming up with is quite clever. But I find the game more frustrating than anything. The jumping mechanic is very loose, and I find it hard to jump to exactly where I want. And the three levels of depth can get very frustrating too. And the levels often become a matter of missing a jump and trying it again. And I always fall off that stupid skateboard and have to walk to the end of the race. (And because the jumping mechanic is so frustrating, sometimes I miss getting on it once it’s moving in the first place.) And I complete a level only to find that I found 36% of the goodies, even though I tried really hard to find them all.

So now I’m wondering what’s wrong with me. Why do I find this game so hard to enjoy? Everybody seems to love it, why can’t I get into it? Why doesn’t anyone else have these problems? Beats me, but it’s quite annoying.

So I’m shelving the game until some friends come over. I’m sure it’ll be a lot more fun once there’s four of us playing it together. But for now, I find it more frustrating than anything.

  • hobbes

    it can be frustrating for sure, iti’s great to play with friends as well, i’ve enjoyed it at times as well, i don’t care for how the life system works.

  • ehandlr

    I have the same exact frustrations as you…..only I see them as challenges rather then a hinderence to enjoy the game.

    the only one that ticks me off is the 3 levels of depth you referred to.

  • hobbes

    the rotating giant wheel in one of the later stages is a bit hard. I’m having troubles clearing that level. But really, as a side scroll er plat former, this is a great one. There are some really great designed levels out there.

    this game will have me coming back again and again, will keep the game for sure, and play in the future. RFOM2, is great, but single player campaign just isn’t as fun wiithout going through with a friend, but i’m playing rfom2 now until i have a friend our 2 that get LBP. May get farcry2 or fallout 3 in the future.

  • Jerry

    Its a good game and iits not something you rush though and expect to keep you rapped up for weeks. Its one of those games you can play for years. Alittle bit here alittle bit there. I have Resistance 2 aswell and i really can’t put that game down. Online is Amazing and the Campaign is tight. You guys gotta move on to that game ASAP.

  • Brasil

    You have to stick with it. Level design gets better and better in story mode. The three planes become intuitive and you get used to jumping eventually.

    Hobbes, I know what level you’re talking about. I had the hardest time with it until I figured out I can grab (R1) the wheels.

  • hobbes

    talking about the military level, with the giant giant rotating wheel you run inside. I’ve figured out grabbing certain things inside it, but after the 2nd checkpoint i can’t seem to get the jumps right, going to try again today.

  • stefan

    I love it.
    yeah, the jumping is a bit loose, and can sometimes get you killed (it even occasionally catches out the devs, and theyre still thinking of ways to try and perfect it), but is still pretty good.

    As for the three planes, Ive gotten used to it. you just need to play it for a while to get it down I feel. I only find it annoying when it auto-switched which plane Im on and I dont want it too. But this is down to how the levels are designed, and you trying to push the boundaries (a little bit) and experiment with different ways of getting to where you want to go.

    And finally, the whole collection thing. Its there to add replay value. Often you have to place a sticker in certain places, which you usually pick up in a later level, and those places can be hard to get to needing a lot of trial and error with the physics. Many levels have areas for 2 players and a bit of cooperation, which will net you a bunch of stickers.
    But this is really only for the collection freaks who want to unlock everything, and get all the trophies.

    On the whole, I absolutely adore this game, and I havent even jumped onto user created levels yet, Im still running through the main story, trying to net as many of the objects as I possibly can. Then Ill go online, and finally Ill recreate my pneumatic horse which I was working on during the beta.

  • Solid_Nat

    Give it time and it will click Henning. Just becuase all the hype says you should love it doesn’t mean you will, if this isn’t for you then no worries, i am however sure that you will love it in 4 player co-op!

  • Ian

    You might want to go to the doctor to get that checked out, because this game is great fun! I can’t stop smiling while I play.

    For the moving vehicles, like the skateboards, trying holding on to them with R1. You won’t fall off, if you do. Also, the jumping is wonky, but use your old-school platforming skills circa 1983. This game really does pull those NES skills back out of you more so than most games.

  • _SPIDEY_

    I am with you. I dont see how this game is fun Thank god I didn’t buy it! I tend not to go for the hyped games, like this, or MGS or Assassins Creed. The hype is always a let down anyway.

    Give me great game play with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows or the upcoming MK vs DC anyday over this.

  • This game is loads of fun with friends…alone…eh…it’s hard to say!

    I usually got the jumping mechanics under my belt and have nooo problems getting on boards, jumping, etc…just takes time. The 3 planes are no problem either.

    It all comes down to playing with friends!!! Then it’s tons of fun!

  • I liked the beta, I’ll be buying the game. Talk about loose jumping: Pixel junk eden. A missed jump can lead you back to the beginning of the level, and more often than not, that’s what happens and that’s what I call frustration. I’m playing pixel junk eden as it is like scratching a mouth sore, but jumping in LBP was not bad at all..

  • Office Ninja

    The game is great. Some of the later levels are some of the better platforming bits I’ve see. The fact that with the tools I can actually get a picture on how the levels where put together, makes me appreciate and respect them much more. I would give the game a 10 ½.

    Also in regards to finding the prizes… USE STICKERS. You’ll notice card board cut outs that are in the shape of stickers and triggers in your pop-it. Place the sticker on the cardboard cut out and viola.

    My only complaint is that they launched Resistance so close to LBP. Now I have two amazing, but very different games. And I have to work… and do stuff… I just don’t have enough time to play them both.

  • You’re trying to hard. Let go of your critical eye and preconceptions. The game can be enjoyed on so many levels. I have a friend that’s just like you. I told him to wait until he finishes a level and publishes it before he makes a judgement. LBP is a TOY, NOT A GAME. And it may be the first truly digital toy I can think of. Think of it more like lego and you’ll start to see it in it’s true light.
    This games allows people a creative outlet that is so missing from regular life. The sense of accomplishment you feel after creating a working level is really heart warming. A sense of Pride. I can’t wait to publish my level. I’m planning to build more of it on saturday. Sure I feel something after a good round of SOCOM. But it’s not the same.

  • I don’t understand what you guys mean when you tell me to use stickers.


    11/18/2008 …. tomb raider !

  • J to the P

    Totally agree with your comments. I am thinking of selling my copy… Cute but already feels static and often frustrating. Online play is choppy and people just haul ass and leave you behind… not near as fun as I imagined but there is potential as levels get better.

  • francois

    IMO, LBP is the most fun game available on PS3. I like it and don`t find the control frustrating or anything, but the game can be challenging.

    Once you realize that you control sackboy even when he is in the air during a jump, you simply need to adjust at landing.

    Also, if people are playing on older HDTV that cause lag (few ms. delay between the time tv receive the image signal and the time it shows it to you)., control could be affected and become frustrating.

  • Rjcc

    this is the same reaction I had to the beta. I was really high on LBP, it’s the reason I bought a PS3, but I’ve put buying the retail version on the back burner. for me it’s just a decent platformer, and I don’t really play platformers.

  • Trieloth

    >.> …*reads comments, rolls eyes, and walks away to keep from being rude*

  • mpz

    Natural reaction to such a hyped game I suspect. And there’s no reason everyone will like it, even if it is a hit critically. It doesn’t make you a bad person 😉

    Saying `i’m selling my copy already’ does seem a bit … premature though. Then again, ‘oblivion’ was a game of the year, and after 10 hours of jerky graphics, scary zombie-faced npc’s, impossible fighting, fiddly inventory, and constant loading, I was ready to throw it in the bin (i didn’t, but then I haven’t played it since either).

    LBP just came out today here, and I bought it this morning – I don’t think i’ve bought a game on day 0 before – but I have to wait till tonight to try it. I do have some trepidation about it, but I’m just a general pessimist too. Given that it’s physics based, I would suspect the controls to be a bit looser – but whether you get used to that is another matter. The sticker-replay/multi-user puzzle idea sounds more novel/interesting way to get replay value, vs just getting a useless `trophy’ for replaying the whole game on hard, or something similar.

    We don’t get R2 for another 3 weeks here, so things are spaced out better for us too.

  • Yes. We are lucky in that way.


  • Jay

    This is the first platformer I have ever played. And I have no problem whatsoever with the three planes and jumping. Perfectly easy.

    Try harder! ;o)

    And it’s not JUST a platformer, Rjcc.

  • J to the P

    OK – played with my wife for an hour last night and had her giggling non-stop… that was worth it for me. But still, not my fave, more tiring then enjoyable – wife agreed that it was rather exhausting and had no desire to play for long.

    Will keep.

  • Trev

    i always thought the jumping looked off in the videos. unfortunately i missed the beta as i was away for the exact 3 weeks it was on 🙁 i think i will still pick it up though. sack boys still make me smile in the videos. don’t think i can resist their charm.

  • The game isn’t going to appeal to everyone but it does sound fun.

    You guys should play together online if most other people aren’t big on the cooperation aspect.

  • Darrin

    Obviously, the user-created content is the biggest piece, but even without that, the core platforming game is plenty of fun, particularly with co-op and kids. And the top user-levels are actually really fun to check out as well.

  • I played the game yesterday and it’s sooo addicitive. I only tried a couple of random levels by myself online. But it was also quite fun. And gave me a couple of easy trophies. 🙂