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Resistance 2 Single Player First Impressions |


  • Technology + Graphics: R1 looked good, but I was slightly underwhelmed by the R2 beta: it was definitely better, but I wasn’t blown away. After playing the single-player campaign: wow! This blew me away. I think that the single player campaign is a much better showcase for the visuals and technology of this game. The environments are consistently spectacular, the animation of the enemies is very lifelike, and the fire effects and water effects are awesome (I wasn’t impressed by the use of water in the beta co-op level).
  • Beautiful bosses: I tend to prefer regular gameplay to bosses, but the bosses in this game are really spectacular.
  • Variety: The great thing about R1 was the variety. Of course, the game has a reputation for weapon variety, but beyond that, there was an awesome variety of enemy types (widely varying sizes, behaviors, locomotion, and combat mechanics) and a wide variety of level types (claustrophic corridor shooter levels, epic mass-scale warfare levels, etc). R2 improves on this on every front.
  • Action is Great: This is subjective, but the action is spot-on. The enemies are challenging, they move realistically, the AI is fun, the pacing and levels and environments are varied, the weaponry feels just right. This is easily my personal favorite single-player shooter shooter by a long-shot, but this is highly subjective, and if you weren’t impressed by R1, this might not win you over.
  • Fixed Problems from R1: R1 had some plain environments (mixed in with some awesome ones) and the first few levels were a little slow before the game got really good. So far, R2’s environments are consistently gorgeous and the game is awesome right from the start.



  • Scripted: Some of the sections are very heavily produced and they have a scripted feel to them. The first level is a good example of this (still a cool, exciting level on the whole). Most of the game doesn’t have this scripted feel, but this is still worth mentioning.
  • Story: The storyline is OK. It’s not terrible and it’s not intrusive on the gameplay, but it’s not great.
  • Traditional Shooter: This is a fairly traditional, yet highly polished shooter.
  • Obvious Influences: Many influences from other shooters are fairly obvious. This delivers plenty of improvements and innovations to make this its own unique experience, but the readily apparent influences are noteworthy.


Bottom Line

Based on the first three levels, this game is spectacular. It still feels very fresh, fun, and exciting. It adds to the shooter genre on just about every front. Although I know others have good reasons to disagree, personally, I’d say this is the best shooter of today.

  • Hmm, it seems at least one sentence is cut short or missing from the Bottom line section.

    Nice pro and con list though. I liked R1 a lot and am looking forward to R2 as well.

  • Darrin

    Thanks Glitch. Sorry about that

  • No worries, Darrin.

    I’d just like to read the rest of the post, you know. 🙂

  • Solid_Nat

    I am just playing the public BETA after been fortunate enough to play the closed BETA. I have seen a massive improvement in the two BETA products with the public BETA sporting lots of improved textures, more fluid movement and a lot of polish. It looks very impressive and should keep shooting fans very happy with its ranking system (COD4)

    Although here in the UK we have to wait a few more weeks for this to hit i cant wait to get back into Resistance. I met a lot of great PSN friends in the first Resistance and we are all itching to get back into the online side of Resistance….

  • Darrin

    Even in the retail release, the single player mode looks miles better than the co-op. The co-op is still a blast to play, and it doesn’t look bad, but the single player mode seems to show off more effects and technology.

  • JimH

    I liked that you had to master all the weapons. I got away with alot in R1 by just using the sniper rifle – you can’t do that in R2 as enemies rush you and the AI seems to understand flanking and pushing through weak spots. The two sniper rifles I’ve played with so far are great, though. Hell all the weapons and their secondary attacks rock.

    I never really like overly hard bosses since I’m more interested in battle play so I’m glad they aren’t that hard to kill (take that, Ninja Gaiden).

  • The graphics truly are great. I liked Chicago the least, I hate dark corridor shooters.

    First the bad.
    Monster closets. They always attack, just you and your support guys are pretty useless. Taking advantage of the fact that enemies chase you should allow you to set them up for an ambush by your players. No such luck. My guys can be standing a foot away blasting them with bullseyes and nothing. I take one shot and down they go.

    Cheap death fest. From the invisible and cheap enemy, to the non killable water monsters. Brutal. Why not just place random grenades around the level? That stuff has got to go.

    Graphics Cons. It’s too dark. They spent all this time creating a beautiful game and then they turn off the lights. Some levels are truely beautiful. Orick and the redwood forest are nice. Refreshing even. It’s a shame that everything is so dark.
    The water. Meh.

    Your field of view is a bit limited. I’d live a bit more peripheral vision. It’s too easy to lose your place. Especially when it’s dark.

    Pros. Graphics. When you are outside the game looks stunning. Looking through a scope is handled wonderfully. The blur, the depth of field. Nice going. Good looking tech. I like the art style. I almost wish that Insomniac creates DLC missions based on some of these levels. I’d pay for a three level story in the Quest for Booty vein.

    Fun. some of the battle are very fun. The three spider tanks in the courtyard being one of them. I’ve always enjoyed knocking them out. Part strategy, part brute force attack. Good balance.

    I’ll get to the online this weekend. I really liked the beta so see me online. I’ll be a medic. Ready to save lives and take lives.