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CoD:WaW First Impressions |

Yesterday after my daily walk I picked up Call of Duty: World at War at the Blockbusters right beside work. (My new place of work is in a handy location!) I popped it in around 8pm last night, and after a software update, I was ready to go! I played for about two hours and got to level 9.

I didn’t try anything except for competitive online multiplayer, and looked around the menus a little to see what else was available. Here are my thoughts:


  • Four Player Splitscreen
    To be honest, I was worried about this one. No released info prior to this game’s release indicated that there would be a four player splitscreen mode, and believe me, I looked! So I’m quite relieved to see that it’s in there. While that’s great, it also hasn’t changed at all from the way Call of Duty 4 did it. It would have been nice to have profile support so that my buddies and I could level up our players.
  • Nice Level Design
    I didn’t get to see all the maps, but I was very impressed with the maps that I did see. I spent a lot of time just looking at the level design instead of shooting enemies. It was especially enjoyable to see the Japanese themed levels. I have no idea yet how well the levels are play balanced, because my experience so far is so minimal. But so far so good.
  • Gore High/Low Setting
    I forget, actually, what this setting is called, but the game allows you to tune down the gore effects. I haven’t turned on this setting yet, because I want to see how bad it is. But I like knowing that this is here in case I want to use it.
  • Much Like CoD4
    This game plays much like CoD4 did, which is a good thing. The controls are the same, so there’s nothing new to learn. Any CoD4 fan can jump right into this game and feel at home. It’s like a huge expansion pack, which some might quibble with, but I don’t mind. I knew that when I was buying the game.
  • Lots of Modes
    You can play the single player campaign. You can play the same campaign co-op splitscreen with a friend. Or you can play it co-op online with up to three friends. Then you can turn on competitive online co-op mode where you compete for points. Or you can play competitive multiplayer online. Or you can play competitive multiplayer splitscreen. Whew! Nice!


  • Menus Navigation is Slow
    The game spends a lot of time loading menus, which is strange. Why can’t it load them in the background? Menus don’t take up that much memory…
  • Server Disconnect
    At the end of every game I played last night, I got a warning that the server has disconnected. I seemed to maintain my stats, but this was still a bit worrisome.
  • Same Maps
    The matchmaking system kept putting me on the same two or three maps, and I rarely got to see some of the others.
  • No War in Splitscreen
    I did check out the splitscreen options, and noticed that the game type War isn’t available in splitscreen! Usually we play DM, TDM, or HQ, because the other game types don’t lend themselves very well to our style of play and the fact that we’re only four players. But I thought that War could have been a good mode for four players. Unhappily, I’ll never find out.
  • Connection Issues
    Playing the beta at my friend Todd’s house, he had a lot of connection issues. We assumed it was the internet connection. But I had connection issues twice last night, and usually my internet is rock solid. I don’t know if this is the game or my service provider or my home network, but it was annoying and I thought I’d mention it.
  • Zombie Mode?
    Now I haven’t experience this first hand because I haven’t completed the game yet. But seriously. Zombie mode? Is this a FPS horror game or a FPS war game? I think that the developers could have spent their time on better things than this. I’m not into horror, but if I was, I’d should buy a horror game, not a Call of Duty game.

Final Thoughts

I like this game a lot, just as I liked Call of Duty 4 a lot. It brings up good memories of playing Call of Duty 2, but it has all the cool stuff from Call of Duty 4. Best of both worlds. Now I can’t wait to get to level 14 so that I can play Headquarters and War online!

I do wonder one thing though, and I hope someone out there can answer this. Playing splitscreen co-op, does player two get to level up and progress? Is this information saved?

  • hobbes

    i played co-op with a friend last night, not sure how it’s saving the xp points for leveling up right now. 1 down side is it seems you must start from the begining each time, until you’ve beat the level in solo mode, so best play through via solo before playing through with someone else, sorta disappointing, but yeah, it is what it is. I enjoy this game a good deal, the co-op mode is much fun, glad the campaigns run back to back,(LEARN FROM THIS RE 2!!!)

  • Not sure what you mean. You’re saying that if you play a level, there are no checkpoints. But if you play it first single player, there ARE checkpoints?

    Or are you talking about the second player and his XP points? Did player 2 level up? When you exit and restart the game, is he still leveled up?

  • Gary

    Heh, Henning remember when we were not at all bothered about online features in a game?

    How things have changed for the both of us. 🙂

    As for this game, the WW2 setting has put me off completely and Resistance 2 is out in the UK soon so now that I have finished Bioshock on Hard mode (Survivor next), R2 is my next and only FPS of choice.

  • I’ve also decided I’m not interested in this. No matter how good it may be, I’m sick to the back teeth of WW2 FPS games. Roll on Resistance 2, Killzone 2 and CoD6.

  • darrin

    Have you tried the single-player campaign? CoD1 was a huge innovation for its time, but CoD2-4 merely improved the graphics while letting the game mechanics stagnate. From the videos I’ve seen, this iteration looks like the single player campaign has real potential. Is it any good?

  • I’ve got to mention the online play of a number of PS3 games. LBP and SOCOM are both laggy, disconnection fests. With your info being added to the mix. It’s a shame and now seems like it is a problem with the PS3 networking stack as opposed to a problem with the individual games. This is a shame and needs to be corrected. I liked SOCOM but I;ll be trying out Resistance 2 this weekend. I really liked the beta since it felt like a more playable “game”. SOCOM is getting a bit too serious.
    I may pick up COD WaW i I see it or cheap but There’s always Fallout to go to.
    Sony needs to fix the netowrking issues. How are they ever going to make the 256 player MAG (read SOCOM Next) work. If it does it will be great.

  • Hmm, I dunno. R1 was rock solid online, and it was a launch game! R2 is pretty solid for single player, but splitscreen online is unusable.

    I think it depends on the game and the amount of effort they’re willing to put into the server-side stack.

  • Trev

    i think i got caught in the emotion of armistice day and ordered this despite littlebigplanet being on the way to me. i did play some COD4 online last night but found the servers were not up to scratch. i chalked it up to WAW.

    Henning, you must be the first person i have heard who hasn’t like the zombie nazi mode!? its like the best sounding thing ever! i probably wouldn’t of considered buying this if it wasn’t for that also kiefer sutherland and gary oldman doing voices is all kinds of win.

    also, i hated the SOCOM beta and will never buy that game. i ordered the headset on its own because it was so bad.

  • I’m glad to hear that R2 doesn’t have the same server problems.
    I like SOCOM but I have no frame of reference since I’m not really a “Shooter guy” I got the game simply because i thought the headset would be nice to have. I put it in on a lark on Friday night and I lost a whole weekend to it.
    Sorry to be off topic.

  • You simply cannot generalize that “PSN” is bad, because of some (even first party) titles suck online (infrastructure wise).

    CoD4 got worse and worse over time, and you cannot make PSN responsible for it, as the 360 also has many of these problems. And, there are games, which have no problems whatsoever online (Warhawk is a prime example, never really played RFOM online though)

    And… to me this REALLY sounds like a full priced full conversion of CoD4… I mean, some different levels and some new mp maps don’t make a “new” game. Not saying that this makes a bad game, because CoD4 is a perfect “mold” to fill, but it just is a bit weak… 10€ less MSRP would’ve sealed more deals, imho…

    But we’ll see…

  • francois

    The first thing I tried is to check if Four Player Splitscreen COOP was supported and it was not. I was disappointed. That is basically what convinced me to get that shooter… The game is good though.

  • hobbes

    when doing split screen co-ops, you only unclock each level to play if you’ve played through via solo. So what i’m saying is if you don’t play solo but complete, lets say the 1st 4 campaigns with a buddy, then those 4 levels don’t stay unlocked until you beat them in solo. Checkpoints work in both.

    game radar has a good faq on finding the cards to unlock specials for things.

  • COD4 doesn’t have dedicated serversi, but games are hosted by peers. Works well for me.. RFOM had good servers, but I don’t like games where you have to unload a whole clip to kill someone. I have warhawk, and I don’t like it either, but the servers seemed to be OK.

  • James

    I’d like to get it, it’s been getting good reviews across the board, including a 9.2 by IGN. As far as it being in WWII, the pacific theater is the most underused theater in the war and should be a refreshing change because of different fighting tactics and whatnot. Only thing I’d REALLY like the CoD universe to get into is flight combat like the Ace Combat series (in fact, a WWII Ace Combat game would absolutely own). Or even get into the Indochina conflict in Vietnam (just imagine landing in LZ-XRay, departing from a UH-1 Huey into a small clearing surrounded by hills filled with enemy troops). Despite that war being a nightmare both for the soldiers and politically, it’s got a lot of juicy stories to flesh out a good CoD game

  • hobbes

    ok, mortar pit round, on veteran is HARD, any suggestions are welcome.

  • hobbes

    ok, burn em out is super hard on veteran, not sure if i’m good enough to beat this game on veteran

  • I have to say the connection issues are not being experienced by me. .

    The game works as well as COD 4 if not better. The Menus…. are about the same speed as well.

  • francois

    Hobbes: Thanks for the info, I will complete the game before I invite a friend to play.

    James: totatally agree with you about the new WWII setting and the tactics.

    I prefer the WWII setting for shooters (as opposed to COD4) mainly because of the historical background. In the heat of action, you realize that wow the game is spectacular and fun but most importantly that real people actually were on this battlefield suffering and dying in both camp.

    I tried the online part yesterday, I had no connection issue and a lot of fun.

  • Trev

    gamer arrived for me in the post today. can’t wait to try it out tonight. now to play single or multiplayer first?!

  • hobbes

    anyone playing this on veteran?

  • D. Ildo

    The Zombie Mode is pure awesomeness!

  • hobbes

    Heart of Reich on Veteran mode is nearly impossible, have fun all who play it in veteran level.