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Yellow Dog Linux updated to v6.1 |

I actually don’t have Linux on my PS3 anymore, but next year I’d like to upgrade my hard drive again to a 300 GB or so and put Linux back on. While I had Linux (Ubuntu actually) I didn’t use it much. But lately I wish I did have it just for general web browsing and chatting when the wife is using the other PC. Because the PS3 web browser still needs work. Sony just put Firefox on it and call it good.

I’m not sure if I’ll go with Yellow Dog Linux or Ubuntu. Ubuntu offers more support than Yellow Dog Linux. But YDL is made specifically for the PS3. Anyway here are the primary updates to YDL, and it’s now available for download.

“For end users, Yellow Dog Linux v6.1 offers an updated Firefox and, a vastly improved graphical wireless configuration tool, and the introduction of ps3vram functionality which enables use of PS3 video RAM for temporary storage or swap.”

Yellow Dog Linux v6.1 Released

  • mpz

    I’d suggest yellowdog.

    Ubuntu’s defaults are way too heavy (even on a decent machine), and it’s quite a pain to change it. The PS3 release is now integrated with other ppc64 platforms, so it is more generic too – and in fact was quite broken for a while – I assume it actually works at least now. I wanted it as a dev box/educational tool – to hack around with CELL code, and ubuntu is a real pain to set that up too – the documentation/packaging is all over the shop. I lived with it until an upgrade broke things in terrible ways.

    Having said all that, I very rarely use it – probably because I always have a nice thinkpad X61 laptop within arms reach, flash doesn’t work (last time i looked), and the tv is too far away to read much text clearly. I hacked up a few little bits of cell code but got lazy.

  • ctrlalteredmind

    i haven’t upgraded my (60GB) hard drive yet, and I have a basic Ubuntu installation on it that is never used.. do you know if the PS3 allows a partition larger than 10GB to be allocated to the Linux installation, if a bigger hard drive is added?

  • I still think it’s limited to 10 GB to the Linux OS or you can go with 10 GB to the PS3 and the rest to Linux.