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From here we find out this information about clubs. (I rearranged it a bit).

Club feature is added.

A club is an organization for users that share the same objectives. Clubhouse is a private place for members of a club to gather around. Even users that are not added to your Friends List can request to join or get invited.

  • You have to purchase a club before using it. But during Closed Beta test you can use it for free.
  • Each user account can only create one club.
  • The maximum number of members for each club is 32, including the creator.
  • The maximum number of clubs each user can join is 5, including the one created by that user.
  • Users that are not members of the club will not be able to enter the associated clubhouse.
  • You can add furniture to the clubhouse.
  • Bulletin Board is available in the clubhouse. Only the leader (owner of the clubhouse) or subleaders (assigned by the leader) can post messages on the board.
  • Maximum number of messages to be posted at the same time is 4.

Note: if you have joined 5 clubs already, then you cannot create your own club.

※ To learn more about how to create a club, please refer to Menu Pad > “Help” > “Clubs”.
※ You have to set up your PlayStation®Network wallet before purchasing a club.
※ Club is a service that requires regular payment. During Closed Beta test users can enjoy this service free of charge.
※ Note: all the clubs and clubhouses will be deleted at the end of Closed Beta test.

I like the idea of a club. I’d like to create one for readers. But I have a two worries:

  1. Just 32 users? So there’s me, Tosh, Darrin, Gary, and Trev. Add a couple friends of mine, and that leaves just about 22 slots for my readers. That’s not enough! Tosh and I thought that maybe “32” means “32 people in the clubhouse space at the same time”, with more members allowed. But the wording I’ve seen contradicts that.
  2. I really don’t like the line that reads “Club is a service that requires regular payment.” I hate having to continuously pay for something. That’s one of the reasons I like PSN – it’s free! I can stomach paying a one-time fee for a club, but I’m not so sure I’m willing to continue paying month after month.

What do you all think?

  • Trev

    Intriguing! Although a continuous subscription is stupid. Shame about the number limit too, it would make it only useful for blog staff if there was a club…

  • I think people need to stop whining every time Sony ask them to pay for something – especially things which are entirely voluntary and non-essential. That’s not a comment directed at Henning, but at the PS3 user base in general, who seem to have developed an alarming tendency to bitch relentlessly every time Sony even hint that they may need to pay for something, even if payment is entirely voluntary.

    PSN is free. Online gaming is free. Home is (or will be) free. Considering Sony make a loss on every PS3 sold, I think _they’ve_ supported _us_ pretty well this generation. Yet as soon as they say, “well, if you want this specific feature, we’re going to charge you”, everyone starts crying.

    All this development no doubt costs them a fortune, and yet people seem to begrudge them trying to recoup some of that cost. Let’s not forget that their shares also took a battering on the stock market recently. Frankly, I’m impressed that we won’t have to pay for Home itself; at least with Clubs and other content, we get to choose whether we want it or not.

    I wouldn’t mind so much, but considering that MS have virtually bottomless pockets and still charge users an annual fee to do anything remotely useful on Live, I think it’s a shame that Sony are constantly given a hard time over every little thing on PSN. Their option, of course, would be to start charging for access. I can imagine the public’s response if they did.

    Besides, I get the impression that ‘Clubs’ are intended for groups of real-world friends to meet and chat privately, and maybe play a few games, rather than for websites and their entire readership to gather, or for corporate meetings and the like. As such, the numbers seem more than adequate.

    So I’ll wait and see how much and how often a Club will cost me. Then I’ll decide if it’s worth my money or not.

  • My problem isn’t so much paying for a club. It’s paying for it over and over and over…

  • In principle, I agree. But then, for me, it does depend on how much those payments are. If it’s a small amount per month, I might be willing.

    Alternatively, maybe Sony could come up with a ‘real world’ system, whereby you can either rent a Club month by month, or buy it outright for a larger but one-off fee? That would be nice!

  • I agree I don’t mind paying for a club, but a monthly fee for it .. I’ll pass (unless it’s a very small amount). I checked it out last night, it’s a cool concept. The Bulletin Board is cool, you can even set a expire date for the message too. Anywhere from 1, 3, 7, 14? and 28 days.

  • Trieloth

    The club will be a great place for clans to meet up. I dont mind it costing money. I would consider it as a Tip to keep bringing new stuff and making sure the services continues. I tip my bar tender, waitress all the time. Why cant we tip sony once in a while? It seems kinda crazy that every freaking thing must be free when the compation is collecting money for just about everything that they do.

  • Don’t look at the subscription model as a money grab look at it as a way of stopping thousands of “useless” clubs being created. The biggest problem from Sony’s standpoint is the server capacity to run these clubs. That’s why they put limits on tit/ Thousands of clubs would require terabytes of storage and server access. That costs money. Now that they set up this club server mechanism. Sony could offer it as a feature to games. IE SOCOM. 32 man clubs. costs 24.99 a year for the leader and all of it is integrated into the game engine and looked after by Sony. We get a better game.
    Get ready for a subscription based future. Most of the concerns expressed about paying don’t seem to be about paying it’s paying too much. But the Horse armour fiasco for Oblivion teaches lessons. I’m sure that clubs will too. I’ve got to become a writer on this blog.

  • George

    I haven’t bothered to check out this update to Home yet. Maybe this weekend.

    The 32 person cap seems way too low. Good idea though (clubs).

    I think the benefit of increased usage would out weigh the nominal cost of maintaing a table of member’s clubs, and a table of clubs. They could even ditch the “club” name and call it something like a “Guild” or “Clan”. That would be cool.

  • mpz

    32 – it is probably some sort of technical limitation, or related to the fact no game will support a play group of that size. I originally thought that if the limit was 32, having more people join would be pointless if you couldn’t all log on at once, but on the other hand, a bulletin board would still work just fine if it instanced off multiple copies as it does with the rest of the system. Even if you couldn’t talk to everyone face to face. On the flip-side having a small limit isn’t so bad – it will prevent that rather tedious and annoying mind-virus of facebook-friends-itis, forcing everyone to be a bit choosier about who they invite, and which clubs they join.

    Ps3fanboy had this to say about price:

    “However, a Sony developer clarifies saying “Clubs do not cost money. There will be premium club houses.””

    So maybe there is a tiered system. e.g. free ones are a small boxy room with a view of a greasy wall, you pay for bigger rooms/bulletin boards or nicer views, pin-ball machines, and whatnot. Although I think as with almost everything to do with the PSN since day dot … the only way we’ll know what is really happening is when it actually comes out! They seem to have terrible internal communication about this sort of stuff – which is actually probably not that unexpected given the size and spread of the company.

    IRL clubs always have ongoing fees – it’s just the way they work (otherwise they’re just a bunch of pals moping about!). Only sponsorship can reduce/eliminate those fees, or some wealthy benefactor could allow them to buy their own facilities … for `hard-core’ gamers, I think it will be a small price to pay for a place to call their own – assuming the facilities are up to scratch, and the payment means they’re not forced to have advertising spoil the ambience. e.g. they’re paying for xbox live without too many qualms. And I am led to believe that’s chocka’s with ads (boy that would piss me off if I was paying for it).

  • I agree with Paranoimia.

  • I created a club called PSTHREEBLOG, search for it.

  • So…

    as of now, creating a Club in the beta, you need to buy a “club slot” for 0$… It doesn’t say anything about a subscription, but that can change^^