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PS3 Rumors |

From dpad magazine:

  • Uncharted 2 is coming
  • God of War 3 looks amazing
  • SCEE will be getting more price-competitive from March 2009 on
  • More “technical innovations” to come…

These are pretty small leaks. This is an unconfirmed source, but this is stuff we largely suspected already. An Uncharted sequel was highly likely and there is generally always some kind of price cut and technical innovations coming in the future.

The God of War 3 bit is more than a rumor. David Jaffe, the outspoken director behind the first in the series, has said that the game was shown internally and is looking amazing. That dev team is notorious for having large teams of highly talented art staff, so amazing visuals aren’t surprising.

With sequels to Uncharted and God of War, I’m more interested to hear how they are evolving the gameplay. I’ve loved both series so far, but I would like to see them move away from stricly linear game progression.

  • JimmyStewart

    I can’t wait for God of War 3! I absolutely adore these games. If I had an award show I’d be set to give it the nod for Game of the Year right now… but I don’t so instead I’ll just continue to quietly convulse with excitement.

  • I agree God of War 3 is going to be great. I’ve liked all the games so far. As far as Uncharted 2, I’m not sure if I’ll get that one or not yet. I liked the first one though. But God of War 3 is a must buy!

  • The God of War games really pushed the PS2 hardware so I’m expecting God of War 3 to look amazing on PS3.

    Uncharted was good but it never really clicked with me like it did with some people I know. I will still get it but I hope they are able to reduce the screen tearing that was present in Uncharted for Uncharted 2.


    nothing but love for these 2 games, but wasn’t david bashing the ps3 not even a year ago ?

  • James

    Yes… Uncharted: The Quest for Atlantis in ’09! loved the first one. Cant wait for GoW3 either. Absolutely one of my favorite series.