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Uncharted 2 Teaser |

oh boy… Uncharted 2 teaser. Full announcment on 12/14…


  • François

    Thanks for the post! I am very excited about this game! Uncharted is amongs my top 10 favorite game of all time. The bar is pretty high for the sequel.

  • James

    Loved the first one. Don’t know much about Marco Polo (which is what the sequel is about, his quests and voyages), and was expecting a search for Atlantis, but the free-climbing stuff and whatnot seems pretty interesting. Can’t wait

  • I really liked the first one, I’m on my 3rd go for the trophies, played several sequences more than 5-6 times to show it to friends. I hope this time they have more time creating assets than creating the engine, thus providing a lengthier experience. Day -40 buy for me (preorder).

  • Trev

    i. am. excited! although apprehensive about the talk of stealth…

  • Ya stealth seems like it could be cool. The thing he found in the snow looks like the knife that’s alive from The Shadow movie. 😛

  • Excellent. This game was great. Good storytelling. I liked the non Boob Raider girl they had as an assistant/partner. I hope she makes a return. But I’m sure they will go the Indy way and introduce another girl/love interest. I liked Sully. The combat was good and the driving sequences were fantastic. The jet ski was particularly good.
    I am willing to make a side bet that with snow and mountains that a YETI will make an appearance. But that’s just me.

    Nice teaser