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Uncharted 2 Teaser |

oh boy… Uncharted 2 teaser. Full announcment on 12/14…



  1. François

    Thanks for the post! I am very excited about this game! Uncharted is amongs my top 10 favorite game of all time. The bar is pretty high for the sequel.

  2. Loved the first one. Don’t know much about Marco Polo (which is what the sequel is about, his quests and voyages), and was expecting a search for Atlantis, but the free-climbing stuff and whatnot seems pretty interesting. Can’t wait

  3. I really liked the first one, I’m on my 3rd go for the trophies, played several sequences more than 5-6 times to show it to friends. I hope this time they have more time creating assets than creating the engine, thus providing a lengthier experience. Day -40 buy for me (preorder).

  4. i. am. excited! although apprehensive about the talk of stealth…

  5. Ya stealth seems like it could be cool. The thing he found in the snow looks like the knife that’s alive from The Shadow movie. 😛

  6. Excellent. This game was great. Good storytelling. I liked the non Boob Raider girl they had as an assistant/partner. I hope she makes a return. But I’m sure they will go the Indy way and introduce another girl/love interest. I liked Sully. The combat was good and the driving sequences were fantastic. The jet ski was particularly good.
    I am willing to make a side bet that with snow and mountains that a YETI will make an appearance. But that’s just me.

    Nice teaser

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