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Black Friday Sales |

PS3 has (arguably) the strongest lineup of games this holiday by a very wide margin. The software lineup overall is fantastic, and in particular LittleBigPlanet really does have all the makings of the next big thing.

And the hardware is a great buy. The price is more front-loaded than the 360, which is a barrier with gift givers, but it’s actually a better buy once you add in the basics, and gamers are well aware of this.

So how did PS3 sales stack up to the competition this Thanksgiving weekend? Now, this is from a Microsoft press release so some skew is expected, but still:


Retailers reported Xbox 360 console sales over the Black Friday weekend were on pace to beat previous years, outselling the PlayStation 3 by a three-to-one ratio

Xbox 360 continues to have the highest game attach rate of any console at 8.1 games per console.

And, while the full data isn’t available, it’s safe to presume the Wii sold much more hardware than that despite having the weakest game selection of the three systems. It’s almost like game quality and innovation has almost zero bearing on mass market sales.

So what now, fellow PS3 fans? Is it time, as Kent Brockman once asked, to crack each others heads open and feast on the goo inside?

  • Mike

    Hardware price. Hardware price. Hardware price.

    Not only is there a 360 sku for less than $200 now but retailers had some very appealing bundles offered for black friday. Hell if I did not own a 360 already I would have bought one based on the value offered in some of those promotions.

    I agree about PS3 having a great software lineup this fall, even better than 360’s, but it doesn’t matter if the price is out of people’s range, especially with the economy in the tank.

    I don’t really see the situation improving until they have a unit out at $299.99. As much as I hate the lack of a standard hard drive in 360, that decision allowing Microsoft to price more aggressively (although the fact that it took nearly three years for the arcade to go down $100 in price was also pretty lame).

    That’s the problem with Little Big Planet – it is a game with wide appeal on a system priced only for the enthusiast crowd. I don’t know exactly what the problem is but it seems like since Stringer took over, Sony is unwilling to compete on pricing. They would also take a hit on the nose with PlayStation and PS2 if they had to, and recoup the cost on software royalties. They’re never going to get that much software sold if they don’t get the hardware into people’s hands.

  • The software lineup of PS3 maybe better for 360, but only for existing ps3 users. Resistance is no household name, so is littlebigplanet. But gear of war 2 single handedly beats anything other in popularity. You can see it from sales too. Heck, even I didn’t care for resistance 2, I had bought the first one as there was no other thing around at the time..

    This combined with the high price left PS3 without a chance, and in these economic times.

  • Rjcc

    It is what it is, I walked into wal-mart the other day, and looked at the videogame section. the 360 display took up two cases, and right at eye level is a huge banner – XBOX 360 $199, with the more expensive systems sitting lower.

    the single case ps3 display had the systems down at the bottom for 399 and 499. if you’re most people walking in and seeing that, I dunno if the ps3 differentiates itself enough to justify the premium. plenty of reasons to be happy this holiday for ps3 fans tho, much better than either christmas past.

  • Completely one sided and of course no EU numbers.

  • @Sleepy: I think the numbers in the chart is supposed to come from the Black Friday sale and the Thanksgiving weekend. Since we haven’t got either in Europe it actually makes sense not to include European numbers in the chart.

    From what I have read on the net, Sony did not have any really good deals on black Friday, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise for me that they didn’t sell a lot of consoles. Unfortunately.

    But how about the games? Do anyone know how that went?

  • This is based ONLY on a what Microsoft has to say??? How can you even make a statement based off of that?

    I’m sure 360 sales were up due to the price cut and the hefty advertisement but , seriously, I wouldn’t go by any numbers Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo has to say about their rivals.

  • Something else I want to mention: With the recession and all, stores like KMart have brought back layaway. So now if Timmy wants to play LBP he can nag his parents to put a PS3 on layaway and have it by Chrismas.

    The economic downturn might work in Sony’s favor.

  • Jerry

    PS3 is going to be fine this Holiday season. As far as black Friday I am 100% sure Sony is more focues on the actual Holdiay sales as a whole rather then a silly day for poor poeple(jk). Sony did not advertise to much this past week bast on Neilsons ratings and they are probably waiting until the second week of December to start pouring it on. If i were Sony i would focus on the EU market based on the value of their dollar and their level of stability in the market. Winning over the hearts of the fans in USA is a thing of the past. I am from Boston so don’t think im bashing my home.

  • Wow… so MS says they have beaten Sony 3:1 on a WHOLE WEEKEND…

    Whatever… Who cares about this stuff? It’s like saying the PS3 outsold the 360 10:1 on launch day… it still means quite little in the overall field.

  • darrin

    Good points, a single weekend is a small data sample and is highly subject to particular deals and advertisement pushes running that particular weekend. Also, PS3 is almost certainly faring better (or not as badly) in Europe and Japan. Sony also still has a shot at raising awareness around LBP and fixing their image.

    I’m also happy that I get to play some awesome content this holiday even if my favorite devs and tech companies lose money and shrink in the future.

  • George

    One thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft has to sell two units @ 199 for every premium one Sony sells, and at that price it is likely Microsoft’s profit margin is non existant (especially given the high failure rate, and their 3 year warranty, typically an Xbox will be replaced under warranty at least once in that period).

  • Black Friday may not be a EU event, but still had some awesome deals that rivaled the black friday deals at I bought Resistance 2 for about 40€, only partially due to the low Brittish Pound.

    In Belgium the same game costs me 65€