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LittleBigPlanet Search is horrible |

I recently published a level I made (Big T and Friends) and I can not find it using the search in LittleBigPlanet. My friends can’t find it either unless they are on my buddy list. I even went threw 50 pages of searched results and nothing! Then there are other levels I’ve heard are good to try and I search for those and no luck. The search comes up with the most random stuff sometimes.

Either the levels need a certain amount of time in the system before they are available to search for or the search needs a LOT of work. I’m leaning toward the later. You can’t even search by author or the full title of the level. I hope they fix this soon, it’s very annoying. Rant over.

  • I didn’t even know you could search? I thought you had to use the tags, which are a really bad way of searching, I think.

    It should be possible to implement some sort of database search where one could search for title and/or creator.

  • Ya, when your on the screen with all the tags, just press square.

  • Jason

    I tried your level, Tosh. It was fun.

    A lot of people that have created longer more sophisticated levels are ‘advertising’ their levels in the forums. Isn’t it interesting that LBP is emulating other industries where the popular music and films are not necessarily the most interesting or creative.

    I just searched for your level and it does show up. It always appears near the location on the planet you choose to publish (in your case it’s near Japan).

    To get it on any of the cool levels pages it needs to be:
    1. Published or Republished in the last few minutes.
    2. Getting many plays, hearts and stars.
    This system generally favours levels that are easily accessible (ie. dumbed down).

    Please test my level out. Search for…
    Fire Swamp Part 1 (it will be floating in the Pacific, just north of Australia)


  • I tried your level last night Jason, but I didn’t have time to finish it. I’ll give it another go tonight.

    I’ll try searching for my level again tonight and see what happens. What search words did you use, just curious.

  • Jason

    I just searched for the full name: big t and friends

  • mpz

    The whole planets of levels ideas, keyword search, and search is … totally ratshit.

    It’s the feature which most hurts LBP for me – unless you use some other way to find out the name of a level, you will never see them – you just see the same boring levels over and over on the first few pages. With so many levels uploaded it’s always going to be hard, but 10-20 levels on a slow-loading planet was a silly idea that was never going to scale to even 1K levels, let along 50k+.

    Lots of people don’t bother tagging levels either – not surprising since it is quite clumsy and slow if you want to get a specific tag (why not show all tags at once?), and the default is to do nothing. So the tag system is knobbled and barely useful.

  • Jason

    I made a mistake, my Fire Swamp level is in the Pacific Ocean just EAST of Australia.

  • Pungyeon

    Seriously why are all you guys so angry at the moment?

    There used to be nice posts and constructive posts. Now it seems all the posts are just whatever thought just popped into your head.

    Is it really necessary to write a whole post about LBP’s search function? Really?

  • Jamison Fitzgerald

    I agree with Pungyeon, i used to enjoy coming this site for news about releases, firmware, etc now its just rants and complaints about everything, with such a big domain name you’d think you’d have more of a professional well rounded outlook for users.

  • I think that’s my only “angry” post on this site really. But I still really love LBP, the globe for accessing levels if a unique take which I like. And I tried searching for my level last night and it did show up on the first page. So I guess it needed some time in the system.

    But the search still does need work, and MM knows about it.