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Killzone 2 Single Player Compaign Vids |

There are a LOT of video at the link below. I only watched parts of 2 separate videos. One at the start of the game and one in the desert. The game looks stunning! I’m actually going to stop watching any more videos until it’s release in Feb 09. I don’t want to spoil myself. But feel free to discuss the videos here.

Here are some amazing gifs from the videos:
*some gory

More here

My hype is now at maximum level 😀

  • I have it pre-ordered at amazon

  • Check this out …. wow

    There’s much more to the Killzone 2 engine than deferred rendering and screen passes; in fact, Arjan mentioned that every composite that is rendered within the game is placed solely upon the SPUs to lock in the framerate at a solid 30 FPS. During small battles, one or two SPUs will pick up a majority of the action, but during heavy firefights with large explosions and numerous characters onscreen, all six SPUs will pick up the load and balance everything accurately. Surprisingly, even within the heaviest firefight onscreen, Arjan pointed out that the largest load on each one of the SPUs didn’t exceed 60%, which ensured that the framerate remained consistent throughout the game.

  • A Killzone 2 preview is going to be aired on tonight’s XPlay on the G4 channel.

  • darrin

    I haven’t played this, so maybe I’m missing something. But what makes this game so exciting?

    The graphics look gorgeous and the aesthetic is more my taste than Resistance or Gears: it’s got a cool, dark, kick-ass vibe to it.

    But is that it? The gameplay itself looks fairly generic… Maybe the AI is amazing or the action is just done really well, but it looks like another big budget space marine shooting game with amazing graphics.

  • @Darrin: The gameplay looks solid. The presentation is awesome. I like playing FPS’s, and this one game seems to have potential to provide a visceral feel of shooting stuff, which can only be good. It has first person cover mechanics, which seems to be done very well, that’s refreshing for a shooter, and not so generic at all for an FPS, and it is a complete change in how you take on any given situation. You got lean and peek mechanics in most third person shooter. I personally don’t like the hovercraft floating gun that is Resistance, and I want my bullets to count, like COD4. So this is the next big thing.

  • The lean and peek mechanic is actually removed in the multiplayer. They said it isn’t as effective there, since people can come up behind you all the time. But in single player all enemies are generally ahead of you.

    I say leave it in and let us decide to use it or not.

  • Pc

    I’m going to keep myself from watching any videos for this game. I want everything about it to be a huge surprise to me 🙂 Anyways, I’ve already read about how this game is visually the best fps ever made, and that the game play is also great ! That’s all i needed to know…

  • Emrah

    @tosh: I also heard from their interviews that they removed it from multiplayer to make combat more active, which made sense to me.

  • Darrin

    It sounds like the draw is that it (hopefully) gets all the details right: the technology, the art style, the controls, the cover mechanic, the physics, the AI, and the intricacies of the combat. They’re not aiming for any grand new ideas, but rather for further refinement of an extremely popular and competitive genre.

  • Darrin :
    Yes. It seems to be a game about execution. The one thing it seems to do though is bring more visceral action to an FPS, similar to what gears did when it came out.

    I’m excited. I have not been excited about a game because of graphics since half-life 2, honestly.

    Oh, and gamersyde took those videos down as per request of sony/guerilla.

  • Ya, I guess they showed to much, hopefully the guys there didn’t get into to much trouble.