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Rumor: T-Minus 9 days until Home Open Beta? |

The Times Online seems to think Home is coming by December 17th. Not sure where they got that date. But you never know, Sony has reaffirmed a couple times that the Home Open Beta is still coming in 2008. I would hope it’s out before the holidays at least.

I wonder if they’ll add more content to the online stores in home when it hits open beta. I want to get that Japanese style home 🙂

PlayStation fiends finally get a second life

  • Trev

    would be nice to have some things to do. not returned since i visited only to find nothing to do..

  • James

    According to the devs on the project, if you were there when they had the meet and greet on Home (I lucked out and wound up on the server that hosted them), the release is actually December 15th. If something unforseen does come up, it will be the 31st, but no later. I said that on a previous entry on here somewhere, but no one listens to me I guess lol

  • James

    oh yeah, that was a week or 2 ago when they said that (plus numerous other confirmations). Ill go to a forum I posted what I got confirmations on here for ya.

  • James

    alrighty, here we go:

    Release date (don’t know if it’s beta or full) is either December 15th or December 30th (set in stone, too. The developers were more eager towards saying the 15th)

    Home money (used to buy furniture and stuff) will be awarded through Trophies (and they retro back as well)

    $10 at the PS Store will get you $10,000 Home bucks (and it’s confirmed that things like new lots will only be $1000 to $3000 Home dollars)

    The mall will have stuff available to buy when it’s released (so nothing during the beta)

    Music sharing and video streaming in the home spaces will be supported

    Like LBP, there will be different costumes you can unlock/purchase as well

    Movie theater is still a concept (hence why they keep showing the same video over and over again, because they’re testing it).

    Custom animations like dancing and gestures will not be supported

    You’ll have to re-download the full version (thus losing your current avatar and lot for those in the beta)

    There was a cluster**** of questions posted and I didn’t get a chance to either see if there was an answer or if they were even answered, but I asked about a live streaming of the E3 conference in the theater but they never answered that one. They also told me that there will not be a Home Casino. Bastards.

    idk if anyone recorded it at all, but it all came from the horse’s mouth. It was ridiculous though. probably pissed them off because there would be like 10 questions asked per second lol

  • Wow, thanks for the great info James!

  • Try t minus 1 day!!!