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Will “The Dark Knight” Be Blu-Ray’s Breakthrough? |


The Dark Knight is out today on both DVD and Blu-Ray. This movie got rave reviews, a huge fan reaction, and this is exactly the kind of action-packed special effects laden blockbuster that people want to experience in high definition, with all the featurettes, extra commentary, extra footage, and special release trimmings. There are tons of big-budget comic book blockbusters, but this movie has generated an unusual amount of excitement, and is arguably the biggest movie of its type in many years.

If any movie is going to drive blu-ray adoption, this is it. Early reports show that the blu-ray edition of this has sold over 100K copies so far on the first day in the UK alone. That’s 21% of total disc sales which is a large increase from earlier adoption levels.

  • Ah, good post – gave me something decent to read while I am bored at work. I’ll have to check your site out more often 🙂 But no…it will not be. Lol. I am surprised that BluRay is still around.

  • My Blu-ray copy is already on it’s way 🙂

  • Its out in Germany on December 22nd… so I guess I either import (might be quite a bit cheaper too I might add) or wait… but I definately get this movie this year!

    I just saw it this weekend and was blown away! I mean, it REALLY was a REALLY great movie. Usually, Superhero movies are one time watch only (well, except Blade, but that was a different beast altogether), but this one had no dumbed down story for the kids. Next time, they should make it R rated or so 😀 (to go even further).

    But, to be honest, except “Two Face” I didn’t find this movie that disturbing actually. There have been equally hard movies in the past as well, although many say otherwise!

  • Pc

    Already purchased, and watched my copy (on blu-ray) 🙂 Btw, if you ask me, blu-ray doesn’t need a breakthrough since “it has” already. Even my 75 yo grandmother now knows about blu-ray and was asking me about an hd tv today ! Once hd tv’s are as cheap as sdtv’s are now, then everybody will own one and blu-ray comes right after that. Blu-ray will eventually completely replace dvd, and noooooo, digital distribution will not be blu-rays end by any means ! Not until every person, or household has super massive hdd’s (which is not going to happen). These movies in 1080p and all the extra content take up a lot of space and i wouldn’t even want to know how long it would take to download a movie like The Dark Knight in 1080p ! Besides, me and all of my friends own ps3’s and only buy movies on blu-ray now. I only buy what i consider to be hit titles, and already own over 30 of them (may not seem like a lot to a few people out there..ha) Anyways, i’m simply trying to say that i believe that blu-ray is already doing very well and had already begun it’s breakthrough a while back. I love movies in 1080p !!
    End of rant…… 🙂

  • canguy69

    Bought it.

  • blu ray will get more attach rate if they’d give the release a time exclusive blu ray window

  • Trev

    i would buy it but i think i might get it for xmas so holding off. i saw it at the IMAX and it was incredible so will defo get it on blu-ray.

  • 600K sold on BR confirmed. So much for bluray being dead.–a0005715-p0.php

  • Good for nothing broken PSU links!

    “Ron Sanders, president of Warner Home Video, estimates The Dark Knight could sell its 1 millionth Blu-ray Disc copy by Saturday. He spoke to Home Media Retailing and offered this, “In the first two days across those three territories, Blu-ray Disc sales are running between 25% and 30% of total sales, which is a massive number. We had expected Blu-ray to account for a significant percentage of sales, but not quite this high, which speaks well for the format. It’s really catching on with consumers.””

  • I thought the movie was a pile of overrated crap. If it boost BR sales though then it’s a good thing overall.