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2008 Console YTD Sales |

These numbers are cumulative YTD numbers throughout 2008 and include both NPD (US) and MediaCreate (Japan) numbers (I wish I could get my hands on Europe data but I don’t have that)

(data points have mouse over)

360 is making big gains, but PS3 is still barely ahead for YTD 2008. And this is without Europe data where PS3 has also had a large edge during 2008. PS2 is surprisingly not far behind either.

  • James

    sony really needs to lower the price of the PS3, thats why the 360 is getting the sales, especially when you consider the arcade system is cheaper than the wii now.

  • What I don’t get is why the wii is still out selling everything if the 360 arcade is the cheapest on the market atm?

  • lia

    flea, I ask myself the saaaaaame question…

  • Chuck

    How insightful

  • Steppy

    The Wii outsells it because it not only is selling to gamers, it’s selling to TONS of nongamers as well.

  • Shendow

    Wii stays a head of crap 260 because it never stops selling an it doesn’t RROD on you…Oh plus it doesn’t have alot of crapy things to mess up your system or force you to download gay things like NXE. By the way it looks on that chart, the PS3 is winning but not by much and it will win because of all the good games.

    PS3: KillZone 2, FFVS13, GOW3 (Maybe even Gears Of War 3) a chance at a disc space of 400GB (Eat your craply dvd out 260)
    360: Halo Wars and Halo Recon and Halo Wars isn’t really halo as well as it looks like it sucks an sells will be bad on it and Recon well it just seems like a new add on to keep MS only true best seller alive.

    So thats pretty much all the MS has to threw at you and 360 being cheap isn’t really good at this point but you have to understand the reason why people are getting laid off to know why it might hurt them alot.

  • labwarrior

    Sorry, but 360 has a huge lead in US and Europe after the price cut, the only thing “saving” PS3 is Japan

    The gap has widen to 7+ million and could go to 8+ million by this years end, 360 after the cuts is simply selling like crazy

  • James

    wii is selling so well because of marketing. All the games are pretty much crap, save for a few, but their advertising campaign has killed MS and especially Sony (I see 360 ads all the time, PS3 ads on occasion and wii adds frequently). but now with the 360 price drop, it’ll almost certainly surpass PS3 sales and will soon start catching up to the likes of Wii and DS, unless Sony drops the price of the PS3, and rather quickly at that. They definitely shouldn’t wait until E3 to announce a price drop. One bright side out of all this is that the PS3 isn’t $600 anymore

  • Austin

    I have to disagree with you on the wii. I don’t think it is the marketing, it is just a household name. When you have two average people walk into a store looking for games the first thing they think of is that wii thing. I haven’t seen a wii commercial in a while while xbox is tearing it up in commercials. Sony isn’t advertising. since november data has come out, 360 has surpassed the ps3 in overall sales. SONY NEEDS TO MARKET.

  • Strider

    Still, PS3 sells are not bad at all, considering that it´s the most expensive.

  • Mark

    No one would argue that consumers like Wii more than 360. The 360 costs less but gets spanked every day in sales by the Wii.

    However, many regular people and analysts are confused when I say that there’s more demand for the PS3 than for the 360.

    They ask: “isn’t the 360 selling more? Doesn’t more sales mean more demand?”

    Answer: “No. Despite having higher sales than the PS3 after the price-cut to $199, when the 360 was $299, the PS3, despite costing $100 more was outselling it by a large margin. Therefore the PS3 has higher demand.”

    Demand is not the same as sales. More ford mustangs are sold than all ferraris and lamborghinis combined. However, if the ford mustang cost as much as a ferrari which would sell better? The answer to that is the answer to which has more demand.

    Similarly, if the 360 was the same price as the PS3 ($399), would it sell atleast as well as the PS3? We all know the answer to that question.

  • Nick


    You’re confusing the terms “demand” and “want”. Demand depends on many factors such as economic variables (price) and quality which translates to how many customers desire a purchase for the product. Demand can be quantified in the form of sales while “want” cannot. Everyone “wants” a Ferrari (duh) that doesn’t mean their in high “demand” (Ferrari is actually laying off workers). Get your English terms straight.

  • David Macphail

    The Xbox 360 is selling so badly because it has no exclusive games and non planned for 2009. The only thing “Saving” it is the price, once the PS3 gets a price cut in 2009 it’s game over and Microsoft will lose billions MORE dollars on ANOTHER crappy games console (I don’t know how they can call it a GAMES console if it has no games).

  • James

    I don’t want a Ferrari…

    I want me a 1968 Barracuda

  • Matthew

    If you add up PS3, PS2, PSP, then Sony has the overall lead around 12 million. So lol to you who think the PS3 is hurting, lol again. Those PS2 users will eventually buy a PS3 and so will the PSP if they haven’t allready.

    Sony has it going on!!!

  • Very interesting information, especially the PSP’s high sales numbers. I wonder why PSP software isn’t selling as well…

  • geery

    all reports i have read say the ps3 sales have increased hugely with all the fantastic games that are now available, sony also say they delighted with perfrmance, it is only the USA that is saving the 360

  • Rob

    Hey idiots…no console is dying and nothing is saving them. Shut up.

  • Darrin

    “Sorry, but 360 has a huge lead in US and Europe after the price cut”

    Post price-cut sales spikes are normal. Sure the 360 has outsold the PS3 in Europe since the price cut, but overall in 2008, I suspect PS3 is far ahead, and still holds a cumulative lead in Europe.

  • Massahud

    Does the 360 number’s count the 3RL ones? If it counts them what is the number of real working 360 out there? What % of 360 have 3RL? About 30%?

    I don’t think the lead is so big when you put into account 3RLs and repurchases because of Live bans.

  • Mike

    “Very interesting information, especially the PSP’s high sales numbers. I wonder why PSP software isn’t selling as well… ”

    Piracy of PSP games is the easiest thing since Dreamcast. Anytime people can steal your games through software tampering and not having to use hardware modifications you’re going to have a problem. Sony still benefits from profit of hardware sales but it becomes a bit of a challenge for a software only company (third parties) to invest effort into products that can be easily stolen.

    And yeah old news but PS3 needs a price cut. People aren’t going to spend $400 to $500 on a game system in this economy and Blu-Ray player prices have gotten more reasonable since HD-DVD bought the farm. But considering how thick headed they have been on pricing and B/C I don’t expect much to change.

  • Shendow

    Hey Mike? wrong!!!! In the news a guy bought over 70,000 bluray players, just shows the price doesn’t matter and at this point a price cut would make alot of people lose jobs.

  • mpz

    It’s a real pity nobody can get public worldwide numbers.

    The US and Japan market is the majority of the market, but it isn’t the whole market. And unfortunately it skews the perception in the media significantly when there is so much regional differences.

    Or we get those completely ludicrous stories such as ‘xbox 1 million in front in these 5 specific european countries’. Ahuh. Well I guess these days you don’t even have to hide how you’re skewing the numbers for people to take them seriously.

    People are probably using the PSP more for what Sony designed it for – more than just a games machine. Well, and piracy is probably pretty rife. It’s just they’re using bittorrent to get their movies rather than buying discs. So there’s probably more than game piracy to the relatively low software sales.

    The price seems high, but it is younger than than everyone else still, and I guess Sony are making the money and selling the units they had planned to. Panic price cuts would be a more serious sign of problems – that MS needed them, and Sony are still ‘executing’ on their long-term plans says more for MS’s entertainment division than it does for Sony’s.