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TVersity: Disappointed |

Well, I now have the opportunity to run my old PC fulltime as a TVersity server. I installed a clean build of Windows XP Pro and then TVersity. I added my photos folder and videos folder (both of which are actually on my NAS), and TVersity scanned them just fine.

It’s playing back the content that’s the problem.

My photos are all JPG’s about 2MB to 3MB in size. However, I can’t view them through TVeristy. It says “unsupported format” or somesuch. When I copy the file that it just complained about, it copies the image to my PS3 locally. Then I can display that version just fine. What’s up with that?

As well, it can’t display most of the videos I have. It complains about corrupted data. I thought the whole purpose of TVersity was to transcode the video to a format my PS3 understands?

Doing a search on the web, I find a lot of stuff about older versions of TVersity, but not much about getting the newest one working with the PS3.

Any tips?

  • Corrupted videos also happen to me, mostly when they are .mkv… TVersity needs some workaround there (I got it to work some time ago).

    Also, trancoding in TVersity is very low end… without fiddling around with the config (by hand, mind you) it only converts to MPEG1. You can force it to MPEG2, but still no dice, imho, when the PS3 supports h264.

    I use Mediatomb now mostly (on my NAS, which uses Linux/Debian), as it works flawlessly, even with strange videos.

    Tips… reformat your PC and install Ubuntu… Then install Mediatomb with transcoding (a bit work, but when it works, it works really well!) 😀

  • Nah, I don’t touch Linux. 🙂

  • Nash

    My TVersity works great and very rarely get corrupted data messages (it does happen with big video files that are over a GB or something like that). I would just say to make sure that you have the correct codec pack installed. They give pretty good instructions on their website about getting the right pack for use with the PS3. But all of my files are local to my PC, not sure how the NAS works with it.

    Good luck!

  • I need to look into TVersity… urgently

  • J to the P

    I use Tversity and Playon, both running at same time. pr0n works great too, pictures even as large as 8megs open quickly. JPEG format, picture folder is at least 2 gigs with thousands of files. My ps3 is wireless too accessing media off PC and locally.

    To test, try taking the NAS out of the loop – just for testing… Copy the files to your PC.

    Also, start over – copy just a few images into a folder – add a new folder in Tversity, images only, no transcoding. I view via the folder option on the PS3.

    And if you have not tried it, Playon is great for Netflix and Hulu access. I just use Tversity to view pictures or ripped movies – but am needing to use it less and less with a 500GB upgrade. I just rip to a single compressed 4GB .VOB and copy it over to the PS3 wirelessly. One thing the PS3 lacks is media management – forget having a large music collection on your PS3 and expect to find anything. They remove the FOLDER option once the music is local….. loco!

  • James

    I agree that Mediatomb is sooooo much better. Get rid of that “don’t do linux” attitude and give it a go.

  • ~CW~

    TVersity is horrible, never been able to get it to run smoothly

    currently using Ushare from linux which is nice but it crashes sometimes. (seemingly when my xbox360 owning flatmates try to use it)

    mediatomb is really nice, requires a bit more setup/config then Ushare however has a much nicer web interface. only reason i stoped using was so my flatmates could stream from the 360s

  • I use MediaLink myself and it works very well. It’s $20, but I don’t regret it at all.

  • George

    Has anyone had experience using Windows Home Server with the PS3? I am contemplating making an ATOM powered one of those.

    I had good success with Windows Media Player last time I tried it (many months ago), but my wireless LAN didn’t have the bandwidth for hi def, so I went back to sneakernet.

  • alisound

    yeah medialink is the way for me also. works flawlessly and dislas video thumbnails aswell as albu art.

  • FredQC

    I have been using TVersity for over 3 years and I did find some issues with some codecs from time to time, but JPGs have been supported since the beginning, you should probably check inside the flash tvsersity browser (on the pc itself) to see if the pictures display properly first. I know some cameras produce JPG that are not fully compatible, so you might want to run a resize on these images so they load faster too (keep your large master images out of the tversity folder). There are a lot of free programs that can resize images and produce JPGs that work with tversity. Try images that are 1600×1200 of you want decent speed. Also like J to the P said, keep your data separate (mp3s in a music folder, and video and pictures in 2 other folders), TVersity will run better overall. TVersity has good support forums too if you need help because of weird issue.

  • TVersity works for me, I even managed to play a 8GB movie, the latest version needs some work as it needs to be restarted sometimes, try older versions photos used to work with them, thanks for you blog

  • earl

    Hey, if you all haven’t tried Playon yet, it whooops ass. You can watch netflix through your ps3, works perfect, I couldn’t believe it.

    It also taps hulu cbs, espn and youtube to some degree. All movies are accessible through the XMB and they have icons and descriptions.

    I have a 5 meg internet connection, so I’m not sure how it would work on a slower connection.

    You get a 30 day trial, and then it costs $30 after that. Well worth it in my opinion, if you do any Netflix watch it now stuff.


  • Playon seems good, but windows only …

  • chris

    I am running tversity on my vista 64bit box with minor issues – have seen the problems you are having and have found that more often than not, it has to do with free space on your tversity install – what I mean by this is tversity saves all converted video to the partition it was installed on. When you start to run low on space on the drive tversity is installed on, it can’t do the encoding so you get a file type not supported. I have seen this more with video than with pictures. The only picture issues I have had is streaming them off of flicker. Also, make sure you install all the encoding packages tversity wants you to install – usually ffdshow at a minimum – even if you already have them installed, reinstall them. This should help things for you.

  • M

    Anyone have any suggestions for how to use a mac as the media server?