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PS3 Poised for Christmas … Except |

SackBoy KringleA little while ago EA announced that they were making more money off the PS3 than the 360, which was strange considering that there were no big releases or anything like that to account for it. Now Take-two announced that the PS3 gave them 35% of their quarterly take versus 28% for the 360 and 11% for the Wii.

So while sales numbers for the PS3 console itself looked pretty grim for November, software sales for the PS3 look pretty good, at least for EA and Take-Two.

What’s that got to do with the title of this post? Nothing, really, except that I thought you could use some good news with all those PS3 naysayers out there pounding their drums. 🙂

Anyway, I just checked FutureShop’s website, and they have the 360 bundle for $300, and the PS3 non-bundle (ouch!) for $400.

It’s the holiday shopping season, and parents are buying up consoles for their little kiddies to play. It’s a bad economy these days, and I have a feeling that parents are looking for value. Just a hunch. So the $400 price tag is a bit of sticker shock that Sony must address. But I think that many will see that the PS3 still provides value.

Dads will walk into FutureShop and see what a great movie playing device the PS3 is. More and more of us have HDTV’s these days, so buying a Blu-ray player that also acts as a game machine for the kids is a no-brainer, right? I mean, Dad has been bombarded by all those ads about LittleBigPlanet which show off how family-friendly the PS3 is, right? LittleBigSackBoy is everywhere, staring him in the face, so that PS3 / LittleBigPlanet bundle is a shoe-in, right?

Oh wait, there are (virtually) no ads for LittleBigPlanet. And there is no LittleBigPlanet/PS3 bundle. (At least that I could find at FutureShop, BestBuy, or Silly me.

Stupid Sony.

  • Ya, we need more LBP ads ASAP! This game deserves more attention.

  • mikael

    There are LBP bundles available at some locations. Saw a stack of them this afternoon.

  • Could not agree with you more.
    Most parents may not understand the “PS3 value” but they do understand $100 in their pocket.

    And I most of all am saddened by the lack of LBP marketing.

    Sony needs better North American marketing all around.

  • James

    Loads of LBP TV ads here in the UK.

  • Trieloth

    I have seen plenty of ads for the PS3/LBP and I rarely watch TV (family guy thats it). People are gonna buy what ever they want to buy… But being a cheap *** isnt always the best route.

  • Wait. The PS3 gave them 35% of their quarterly take versus 28% for the 360 and GTA IV is said to have sold more on the 360? How is this possible?

  • There are plenty “official” bundles in Germany (likely Europe) advertised by Sony for 399€

    There are at least 3, LBP or R2 or MS2…

  • It’s the same in Denmark, although I personally have only seen the LBP bundle.

    But there are lots of advertising both in printed form and on the tv.

  • wahnfried

    Plenty of LBP here in Germany. We also have ads e.g. before every episode of The Simpsons (LBP Simpsons).

  • huschke

    Here in austria (europe) i too am not seeing a lack of advertising. TV adds including the lbp bundle are on every day. And on top of that o
    ur local markets are filled with signs about ps3 beeing a great blu ray player.

  • Nazo

    There are some great PS3 bundles here in the UK at the moment. I got mine with 4 games thrown in free. Still too expensive compared with the other consoles but at least I have something to play on.

    Sony needs to advertise though, the only thing I’ve seen are LBP ads, meanwhile MS has 360 ads for nearly all the big 3rd party games out at the moment.

  • Henning

    Looks like most people who are saying that they see a lot of advertisements are in Europe. I know I don’t see many here in Canada.

  • take two’s revenue from the ps3 seems to be under-reported? i’ve only heard it mentioned here (and of course in the source article linked).