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New Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Trailer |

Wow, great trailer. Now the long wait until Autumn 09 πŸ™ I wish this was in the Arcades near me, so I could at least try it. I still wish it was PS3 only but … oh well. As long as it doesn’t effect the PS3 version, I guess it’s ok.

  • My interest for this game has waned a lot. It just took to damn long to come out, even tho the arcades are running on PS3 hardware. I guess for various reasons, they wanted a simultaneous release on Xbox and Ps3, we’re probably waiting for the xbox port.

    The lack of interest also is reflected, this entry has been on for days, and I am FIRST! There you go.

  • Ya, it’s taking way to long to come out …. I’m still interested in it, but I try not to think about it to much, since it’s so far off.

  • tekken style games never really caught my attention… probable because i suck at fighting games

  • jerry

    I won’t be getting this game personally. This is a waste now that its on 360. Imagine using that big ass controller to play a fighting game. The only games that should be played on 360 should be shooters and action adventure games. I will be getting streetfighter 4 instead of this game.