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Merry Christmas! |

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Let’s hear some of the things you received. I got Planet Earth on Blu-ray, the BBC version, some travel books for Japan. Then some cool Japanese ceramic masks for my office area, whenever that get’s complete. I got the MGS4 DLC for LittleBigPlanet for myself and a snowman head in the Home Beta, lol.

Well, what did Santa bring you? 🙂 What games are you catching up on? I’m playing LBP, Wipeout HD, MGO, Tekken 5 DR Online.


  1. I didn’t get anythin g lol. Did get my parents tickets to see Billy Joel and Elton John in concert. They’re excited about that.

  2. Well, since Santa brought only cash I got…

    Resistance 2 (still in delivery from Shopto)
    Fallout 3
    Motorstorm 2

    and on Bluray

    The Dark Knight/Batman Begins Double Feature Steelbook.

    Cannot complain 😀 (the rest of the cash will flow into a new table)

  3. Henning

    I got a dock for my iPhone, some snowpants, a leather wrap for my Mazda3’s stearing wheel, and other sundry stuff.

    I too got the MGS4 pack for LBP for myself.

  4. jerryhat

    Merry Christmas all. I didn’t get anything ps3 related I’m afraid to report.

  5. Doesn’t have to my PS3 related at all, let’s hear it 🙂

  6. Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Transformers and Indy/Crystal Skull on Blu-ray, and this…

  7. Bought a stack of games in the sales the week before xmas, and a pair of dualshock 3’s (at full price :(, and a few psn bits and pieces. Not really as xmas presents for myself, but now’s just a good time to buy or it’s finally been released here (and i’ve got a few weeks off work).

    Prince of persia – looks really really nice with a pretty solid frame-rate, the leaping about is much better/more fun than assassins creed, and there’s a bit of humour (assassins creed was too dull and serious). Nathan Drake as the voice is completely wrong though, at least they could’ve had someone with at least a bit of a middle-eastern accent, surely … (same with the chick) – even his characterisation is too similar: tomb raider/treasure hunter, even most of his grunts and exclamations and random flirty chit-chat could be straight out of uncharted. But I guess they made it for the american market, who can’t seem to listen to anything but hollywood accents. Oh and you can’t ‘die’ – which is good cause you do it a lot – and being forced to re-load after dying would be an utter pita. It streams the levels too, so if you’re navigating `on foot’ it doesn’t need to stop and load. The ‘magic plate’ mini-game stuff is annoying though. Seems to have a pretty decent auto-difficulty too. If you keep dying the enemies get easier to beat, and/or it gives you more time for context-sensitive blocks and moves, and as you get better they get a bit harder. I was just impressed, on a technical and gameplay level it is nice to see this level of polish (it was even cheaper than the others).

    Resistance 2 – i’m still sore on the lack of invert x. But the visuals are really nice imo – the water, lighting and textures are all impressive – and the solid frame-rate is a big plus from me (you can make a still screenshot look fantastic, but they make it move too). Some of the learn-by-dying-and-repeat stuff is a bit crappy though, and the scripted ambushes are still too scripted. The lack of invert-x makes fire fights more frustrating than they should be – which is a pity ’cause they seem well done.

    Motorstorm 2 – well it’s the same again i guess, with splitscreen. Looks better of course, although some of the ground textures are really shitty. The split-screen mode needs some more intimate tracks, otherwise you just drive around, sort of lost the whole time. I might not have bought it but it was ‘free’ from a credit card ‘rewards’ thing that I had to spend by 2009.

    Tomb Raider – not surprisingly, haven’t had time to even open it yet.

    Also got singstar (ps2) for my girlfriends daughter (as an xmas present). Probably a waste, she doesn’t seem interested in anything much – at least it was on special so I got a bungle+another disc for the price of a bundle. Although I detest karaoke, it was interesting to see how they’ve done it – it is a well put together and slick package, I can see why it is such a successful title (it even got me to play a couple of times – and i wasn’t even drunk!).

    PSN. The MGS LBP levels. Pretty nice – the sort of thing I’d spend $10 on – the same as the price of the 4 costumes, on which I wouldn’t. The gun should really add a HUGE dimension to the game – it will be interesting to see how it gets used in the user-created levels. Pity you can’t grab when you’re holding the gun though, and the animation looks weird the way he holds it steady – out of character for the sack-lad.

    Savage Moon – although i didn’t really like pixeljunk monsters much, and i haven’t played any flash variants, i want to like the genre. Some of the graphics are a bit ‘busy’ (hard to see with detail over busy textures), but the models are very nice when you zoom up, and they know how to triple-buffer (no tearing!). Sound effects are suitably boomy and surround-soundy. Technically – nicely done, slick presentation, quick loading, etc. The gameplay is a bit busier and complex and the towers are pretty different and so on. I think the best part vs ‘monsters is you’re busy thinking about what to do next rather than scraping ever-so-slowly across the screen picking up bloody coins and gems.

    Hmm, what else, the toy home expansion pack – well it was cheap (xmas special). Girlfriends daughter plays that sometimes. Should really have been in the base game to start with though.

  8. Where did you get that Sackboy Paranoimia? Looks cool.

  9. J to the P

    Planet Earth on Blu-ray is awesome! I prefer the BBC version myself.

    I have been playing lots of Crash Commando (PSN). Have not touched LBP in about 3 weeks. Also amusing myself with about 30 minutes of PS Home beta a day. The social aspects are fun…. I play a hot chick and in 20 minutes get 3 friend invites…. play a super ugly chick (or guy), and yep, nothing… lol. seems 90% of the conversations are to hook-up…reminds me of my irc days minus the op wars, plus 3D avatars…….

    Any trips planned to Japan?! Cool masks.

  10. Probably the soonest I would travel to Japan would be in 2 years I’d guess.

  11. I got a PSP and have been taking advantage of the great boxing week deals on software for that platform. 2 for 20$ at Rogers for new games has been the best score by far, cheaper than used…

    As far as the PS3 goes I got Wipeout from PSN but that’s it. I’ve been replaying some older games from my collection and trying to figure out what to ebay in the new year.

  12. fallout 3 which means i have no time for anything else ^_^
    used money to buy far cry 2 which i am saving for after fallout.

  13. Another thing to add, got a belated Christmas gift. It’s a almost life size oil painting done of me as a child in Japan. By Mr. Izawa, our family fiend while we lived there, and still are friends with them.

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