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What are your favorite games of 2008? |

Here are my favorite games of 2008:

Metal Gear Online
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Call of Duty 4
Heavenly Sword
Wipeout HD

I wanted to get a lot more games, but didn’t have the money for it. Let’s hear your favorites!

  • Darrin

    GTA 4
    Fallout 3
    PixelJunk Eden
    Dead Space
    Siren Blood Curse

  • George

    My list, with time spent being the favorite game

    Metal Gear Solid 4 (40 hrs+)
    Fallout 3 (30 hrs+)
    Heavenly Sword (8 hrs)

    Right now I’m liking Burnout Dominator for the PSP. I never really got into Burnout Paradise, maybe if they drop the price or bundle all the updates I’ll go for that too.

  • chrysostom

    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Fallout 3
    Burnout Paradise
    GT5 Prologue

  • teedub

    Bionic Commando Rearmed
    The Orange Box (I know it was a VERY late release on 2007, but I’ve been playing it all of 2008)
    NHL 09
    GTA 4
    Burnout Paradise

  • Most favourite and most time spent during 08:
    Pixel Junk Monsters
    Burnout Paradise

  • GT5P and Burnout Paradis on my list.


    uncharted, heavenly sword, half life 2, gta4, motorstorm 2, tomb raider

  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is definitely on the list.

  • Little Big Planet
    Guitar Hero WT
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    and maybe DMC4…

  • Jerry

    Street Fighter HD remix
    Burnout 5
    Resistance campaign
    Star Wars Force Unleashed

  • Sporty

    Mine is

    Fallout 3
    Mirror’s Edge
    Resistance 2

  • LBP & MGS4

  • John

    Valkyria Chronicles is my definite #1 for 2008
    Burnout Paradise as #2

    Then a mention for

    Heavenly Sword
    GT5 Prologue
    WipeOut HD

  • Metal Gear Solid 4… not questions asked (but not MG Online)
    Grand Theft Auto 4
    Call of Duty 4 (yeah, all the 4th games :D)
    Motorstorm 2 (well, it is 4 divided by 2 :D)
    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
    Fallout 3
    and… when it finally arrives (maybe today even): Resistance 2

    Notable Mentions:

    Uncharted, Singstar, Gran Turismo 4, Final Fantasy X…

    And some PSN games like PJM, HVB, WH, SSHD…

  • Pixeljunk Monsters. Most played easily.
    Metal Gear Solid
    SOCOM. Even though it’s buggy. Even though Slant 6 and Sony don’t understand a thing about networking. Even thought the game is at best a beta that shouldn’t have been released. When I do play. It is fun and tense.
    Little Big Planet. Just the sheer niceness of the game and the delightful world make it unique.
    GTA IV. Game of the Year for me. Nothing beats driving a motorcycle at dusk on your way to kill a guy and “Heaven and Hell” comes on the radio. A personal badass moment for me.
    Desktop Tower Defense. Still addicted to that game.

  • jerryhat

    Resistance 2
    Burnout Paradise
    Everyone’s Golf – Hotshots Golf in the USA

  • Little Big Planet

    Resistance 2

    Singstar PS3


    Probably in that order, but I’m not quite sure other than that LBP is at the top spot.

  • Trev

    gta 4
    mgs 4
    fallout 3
    wipeout hd
    fifa 09

    roughly that order maybe mgs lower.