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Best of 2008 Vote |


OK, everyone: the ps3blog Best of 2008 vote. Write your votes in the comments. They will be tallied and reported in a week.


Any voted game must have had a western (US/Europe) release in 2008. Japan only games released in 2008 (such as White Knight Chronicles) are not eligible.

Best Narrative/Fiction

Not just the best premise, but which game had the best characters, dialog, pacing, immersion, and emotional impact.

Biggest WOW Factor

Not necessarily the most technically sophisticated, but which game shows off the biggest, from the gut, “wow” effect.

Most Innovative

Which game broke new ground and pushed the boundary of game design the furthest? Which game will be copied the most in years to come?

Best Multiplayer

Which game had the best local or Internet multiplayer?

Most Overrated/Overhyped

Which title was hyped way beyond expectations or is rated far beyond the actual quality delivered.

Most Underrated/Underhyped

Which quality game was overlooked and didn’t get the recognition it deserved?

Best Surprise of the Year

What was the best announcement, unexpected game, or other surprise of the year?

Biggest Disappointment of the Year

What was the biggest disappointment: either the most disappointing game, missing feature, lost exclusive, slipped release date, etc.

Best Party Game

Which is the best game for having a group of friends over.

Best Downloadable Game

What is the best downloadable game. We will count full-sized downloads and games that were distributed via disc and download (such as GT5:P and SOCOM)

Game of the Year

This is the big one: which is the all around best game of the year. The criteria for “best” is somewhat open to interpretation: it can imply any combination of accessibility, addicting, longevity, value for the dollar, technical sophistication, production values, thought provoking, emotional impact, or design innovation.


  • Mike

    Yikes I can still remember doing this last year! Anyway:

    Best Narrative/Fiction – Yakuza 2
    Biggest WOW Factor – Metal Gear Solid 4
    Most Innovative – Little Big Planet
    Best Multiplayer – Resistance 2
    Most Overrated/Overhyped – Prince of Persia
    Most Underrated/Underhyped – Mirror’s Edge
    Best Surprise of the Year – Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty
    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – platform specific DLC
    Best Party Game – Buzz
    Best Downloadable Game – Wipeout HD
    Game of the Year – Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Darrin

    Narrative: GTA 4. No other game (outside of Manhunt/Bully by the same writers) delivers this kind of engaging dialog and characters.
    WOW Factor: GTA 4. Seeing downtown Manhattan at night, the cool car jumps, and crashes, and dozens of other jaw dropping moments in this game seal the deal.
    Innovative: LittleBigPlanet. The user created content is so well done, but the core physics based platforming and co-op and mini-games are all really effective and innovative.
    Multiplayer: LittleBigPlanet. Playing and creating with others is a ton of fun.
    Overrated/Overhyped: [edit] Wipeout HD. I bought this, it was great, and I got my full moneys worth. But the core of the game is still pretty simple. Still a great game, but I think it is overrated.
    Underrated/Underhyped: Siren Blood Curse. There were many better games this year, but the ratio of hype to game quality was unusually low for this title. This was way better than the official Silent Hill sequel and did a much better job of creating a the classic Silent Hill like experience.
    Surprise of the Year: Tie between Fallout 3 and Dead Space being so good.
    Disappointment of the Year: PlayStation Home. The fundamental product design is, from what I see, a complete miss, and even the technology is slow and flaky by MMO standards (major load times, slow navigation, etc).
    Party Game: Buzz. This is a ton of fun with a group of people.
    Downloadable Game: PixelJunk Eden. Siren Blood Curse is a bigger game with much more to it, but Eden is just so simple, clever, and addicting.
    Game of the Year: LittleBigPlanet. There is some awesome competition with GTA4, MGS4, Dead Space, and Fallout, and they excel in very different areas, but I’d give LittleBigPlanet the win: It’s extremely innovative, the levels are very creative, it’s a very new experience both with and without the user created content.

  • George

    Best Narrative/Fiction – Fallout 3

    Biggest WOW Factor – Metal Gear Solid

    Most Innovative – Metal Gear Solid

    Best Multiplayer – Resistance 2

    Most Overrated/Overhyped – Grand Turismo Prologue

    Most Underrated/Underhyped – Pixel Junk Monsters Encore

    Best Surprise of the Year – Sony adding modern Flash support to the PS3…thought it would never happen!

    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – Home

    Best Party Game – Buzz

    Best Downloadable Game – Wipeout HD

    Game of the Year – Metal Gear Solid

  • Narrative: GTA 4. Niko and his supporting cast really helped to suck you in and made the story in GTA IV the main driving force to keep on playing.

    WOW Factor:Hmm, this was a difficult one but I’m going to have to go for Resistance 2. There were a number of incidents where I thought “WOW!” The first time you saw San Francisco Bay with the sky filled with Chimeran battleships for example

    Multiplayer: Resistance 2. The co-op is entertaining and when it clicks it can be immense fun. I’m really enjoying the Competitive side too but it takes a while to get used to it after Resistance.

    Overrated/Overhyped: LittleBigPlanet. I’ve made my feelings pretty clear about LBP.

    Underrated/Underhyped: PJM/Encore. Best game on sheer value for money alone on the PS3 and one of the best games on PS3 full stop.

    Surprise of the Year: That GTA IV ended up losing it’s fun factor.

    Disappointment of the Year: Devil May Cry 4. R.I.P. ๐Ÿ™

    Downloadable Game: PixelJunk Monsters and Encore. Incredibly addictive and so much fun.

    Game of the Year: PixelJunk Monsters. No game can close to the amount of hours I’ve put into PJM. Such a simple game but so much fun and incredibly addictive. The fact I rainbowed every stage on both PJM and Encore and got all Trophies says it all really.

  • Best Narrative/Fiction – Fallout 3

    Biggest WOW Factor – Little Big Planet

    Most Innovative – Little Big Planet

    Best Multiplayer – Fifa 09

    Most Overrated/Overhyped – GAT IV

    Most Underrated/Underhyped – Sonic

    Best Surprise of the Year – PlayTV

    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – Home

    Best Party Game – Fifa (tournaments!)

    Best Downloadable Game – Sonic

    Game of the Year – Fallout 3

  • John

    Best Narrative/Fiction – Valkyria Chronicles
    Biggest WOW Factor – Valkyria Chronicles
    Most Innovative – Valkyria Chronicles
    Best Multiplayer – LBP
    Most Overrated/Overhyped – Fallout 3
    Most Underrated/Underhyped – Valkyria Chronicles
    Best Surprise of the Year – Valkyria Chronicles
    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – Home
    Best Party Game – LBP
    Best Downloadable Game – Burnout Paradise or if not applicable, WipeOut HD
    Game of the Year – Valkyria Chronicles

  • Tayler

    Best Narrative/Fiction – Metal Gear Solid 4,They tied so many loose strings its unbelieveable

    Biggest WOW Factor – Metal Gear Solid 4,There were many times i almost shit my pants.

    Most Innovative – LittleBigPlanet, There were some times i was left thinking HOW? or What?,just the levels the creators made made me wet my pants. I can’t even make a half decent one.

    Best Multiplayer – Resistance 2,Yes I’m kinda dissapointed with how they made it but the 60 players and 8 player co-op is simply amazing.

    Most Overrated/Overhyped – Fallout 3,I did not like it at all. There were cool parts but it felt like the game was playing for me.

    most underrated/underhyped – Valkyria Chronicles,Amazing game,not enough people know about it.

    Best Surprise of the Year – Valkyria Chronicles/Dead Space,Didn’t think they were THAT good.

    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – Home,just expected more.

    Best Party Game – Rock Band 2,dunno what it is,just pure fun.

    Best Downloadable Game – PixelJunk Eden,fun!

    Game of the Year – LittleBigPlanet,im not explaining this one.

    It seems as though everyone has their opinions and i dunno if their will be a “Winner” here.

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  • mikael

    Best Narrative/Fiction – GTA4
    Biggest WOW Factor – Mirror’s Edge
    Most Innovative – Mirror’s Edge
    Most Overrated/Overhyped – MGS4
    Most Underrated/Underhyped – Valkyria Chronicles
    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – platform specific DLC
    Game of the Year – Valkyria Chronicles

    I also liked Fallout, but it didn’t really fit into any of the categories.

  • Best Narrative/Fiction – Metal Gear Solid 4
    Biggest WOW Factor – LittleBigPlanet
    Most Innovative – Metal Gear Solid 4
    Best Multiplayer – LittleBigPlanet
    Most Overrated/Overhyped – GTA IV
    Most Underrated/Underhyped – Mirrorโ€™s Edge
    Best Surprise of the Year – Trophies
    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – Home, needs more game launching support.
    Best Party Game – LittleBigPlanet
    Best Downloadable Game – WipeOut HD
    Game of the Year – Metal Gear Solid 4 / MGO

    I didn’t buy a lot of games this year so I didn’t have much to choose from.

  • mpz

    Best Narrative/Fiction – Of the games I own and have played a bit – prince of persia, but it isn’t much – although I must admit I had a bit of thing for elika by the end. But to be honest, most game’s narrative’s are pretty shit (and often worse) and it isn’t why I buy games.

    Biggest WOW Factor – burnout paradise. Great crashes and silky frame rate and other terrific technical feats.

    Most Innovative – Little Big Planet, there’s just nothing like it.

    Best Multiplayer – little big planet, setup/connection couldn’t be easier, and even the frustrating bits are fun most of the time.

    Most Overrated/Overhyped – Gran turismo 5. I was already bored with GT4 so i’m not sure what I expected. Actually at least GT4 keeps a solid 50fps frame-rate, unlike GT5 ‘HD’ which struggles and tears all over the place, so even the graphics aren’t that amazing. I very much doubt i’ll buy the final release.

    Most Underrated/Underhyped – prince of persia. maybe I was hiding under a rock but I can’t remember seeing much about it (compared to say mirrors edge).

    Best Surprise of the Year – nothing. With so much coverage these days well before games are released, it’s almost impossible to be surprised by anything. As with many movies, many of the key moments are already revealed even in the shortest of trailers.

    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – Home is disappointing – not sure why since it’s just a service and pretty much does what they always said it would – I think i’m just over my ‘irc’ days. But it isn’t a game either so I don’t think it counts. Pretty obtuse, but for me it would have to be lack of control options in resistance 2/fps’s in general. Or – perhaps as a result, just Resistance 2 itself if I must state something ‘votable’. But there’s been plenty of other disappointments too – that LBP didn’t sell better, that the ps3 isn’t selling better, among many others.

    Best Party Game – I don’t have too many, but LBP is the only one I’ve put infront of a few people that they actually enjoyed and didn’t think sucked or got annoyed with. Toy home isn’t bad for kids.

    Best Downloadable Game – Burnout paradise (i got the disc mind you)

    Game of the Year – Little Big Planet. Now they’ve addressed many of the problems with the search, you can find good user levels. And there’s some gems there.

  • jerryhat

    I didn’t buy many games this year, particularily the ‘big’ games like MGS4, LBP, etc. But I’ll join in as best I can.

    Best Narrative/Fiction – GTA4
    Biggest WOW Factor – Resistance 2
    Most Innovative – Innovation in the games industry 2008? Well as I say I haven’t played LBP so my vote is for Burnout Paradise.
    Best Multiplayer – Resistance 2, honourable mention for Everyone’s Golf.
    Most Overrated/Overhyped – GTA4, it’s decent, but I can’t drive in it and can your remember the level of hype it received?
    Most Underrated/Underhyped – Nothing springs to mind.
    Best Surprise of the Year – I wasn’t surprised much this year.
    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – WipeoutHD. Hated it.
    Best Party Game – Buzz
    Best Downloadable Game – Burnout Paradise
    Game of the Year – Resistance 2

  • I haven’t bought a lot of games either. Actually about one third of my games for the PS3 have been bought inside this december and january. I have for instance just bought Kane and Lynch and Mirror’s Edge this week. So my list will pale in comparison with others, I’m afraid.

    Best Narrative/Fiction – Resistance 2

    Biggest WOW Factor – The videos promoting Little Big Planet

    Most Innovative – Little Big Planet

    Best Multiplayer – I haven’t really played a lot of online multiplayer, so I’ll have to go with offline and say Little Big Planet.

    Most Overrated/Overhyped – The so-called “Console War”. There are no casualties. Only three different consoles with different agendas. There should be room enough for all of them.

    Most Underrated/Underhyped – Don’t really know.

    Best Surprise of the Year – Mirror’s Edge

    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – Home.

    Best Party Game – Singstar for the PS3. Ok, I know it’s cheating a bit, since the game actually came out in 2007. But since I have no other good party games for the PS3 yet, and since Singstar came out on the 12th of December 2007 in Europe I still think it’s a bit eligible. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wait, when did it actually come out in USA?

    Best Downloadable Game – GT5 Prologue

    Game of the Year – Little Big Planet!

  • Trev

    Narrative: MGS4. To see the conclusion of snake was incredible. Truly epic. This only just beat GTA4, which had my jaw on the floor come its finish.

    WOW Factor: Fallout 3. It blew me away when i escaped the vault.

    Innovative: LittleBigPlanet. For the user created content and even the metal gear add on. Works so well and so much fun.

    Multiplayer: FIFA 09. First ever football game to include 10v10 and it works so well.

    Overrated/Overhyped: PES 2009. Same game every year now. Time to shake up the series.

    Underrated/Under-hyped: Valkyria Chronicles. It’s got great reviews but no publicity, which has lead to undeservedly small sales.

    Surprise of the Year: Home. Actually went public beta.

    Disappointment of the Year: SSFIITHDR. Didn’t get released in europe. i guess you could say my disappointment has been the euro store not matching the american version. Also rans; MGO, GT5:P

    Party Game: LittleBigPlanet. It’s just full of win. Everyone smiles when they see the sackboy for the first time. An endless charmer.

    Downloadable Game: Wipeout HD. They could have charged full price and i still would of bought it with no complaints. The game is massive. And the fact it has online too is a dream.

    Game of the Year: GTA4. The single player is good. The multi player is good. The game broke sales records for a reason. Phenomenal.

  • JimH

    Best Narrative/Fiction – Bad Company (drama don’t work in video games yet, but humor does)

    Biggest WOW Factor – Burnout Paradise’s stunt driving followed close second by Dead Space’s scare and ambience factor

    Most Innovative – Little Big Planet

    Best Multiplayer – Resistance 2 Co-Op

    Most Overrated/Overhyped – Fallout 3

    Most Underrated/Underhyped – Lost Planet (single player mode and story). Also Tom Clancy’s Las Vegas 2 had some fun co-op and cool maps.

    Best Surprise of the Year – Getting ambushed in Dead Space again, and again, and again; the character customization in Saints Row 2 was a surprising hoot

    Biggest Disappointment of the Year – Metal Gear Solid. I think long time fans are blinded to the fact that Konami’s time has come and gone. Although the female harpy bosses were fun to fight I was overcome with the uber-long cut scenes, the endless nostalgia for old games, the clunky user item interface and very, very portentous voice acting.

    Best Party Game – No opinion

    Best Downloadable Game – Out of all the stuff I downloaded – which ain’t much – the only thing I really played over again was the Pure demo

    Game of the Year – Resistance 2 with close second Dead Space

    Add’l categories:

    Best reason not to be playing PS3 – Left 4 Dead PC game and Team Fortress 2 unlockables on the PC

    Best reason to be playing the PS3 – Resistance 2 (all modes); Dead Space

  • nawxfreak

    everyone who didnt say metal gear solid never played…is the greatest game ever…

  • Well, as I wrote, I haven’t played every PS3 game that’s come out this year.

    And yes, Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of thos games that I havn’t played. So is Fallout 3, Dead Space and so on.

    But I can’t praise a game, that I haven’t played. Therefore they are not on my list.

    So yes, Nawxfreak, You are absolutely right about the first part of your statement. The latter half I don’t know about. Since I, you know, haven’t played the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mikael

    I played it and hated every minute. MGS4 is probably the worst game I have ever paid for.

  • Best Narrative/Fiction – No Comment
    Most Innovative – No Comment

    Biggest WOW Factor

    I have to give this one to LittleBigPlanet.

    Best Multiplayer

    Online: Call of Duty: World at War
    Local: LittleBigPlanet

    Most Overrated/Overhyped

    LittleBigPlanet. Because of the control and server issues.

    Most Underrated/Underhyped

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I still have a lot of fun playing this game with a friend.

    Best Surprise of the Year

    MotorStorm: Pacific Rift has four player splitscreen! Yay!

    Biggest Disappointment of the Year

    Too many to vote for just one. LittleBigPlanet’s problems. Lack of save feature in splitscreen co-op in CoD:WaW. The totally broken splitscreen co-op in Resistance 2.

    Best Party Game

    Rock Band 2. What a fun party game.

    Best Downloadable Game

    Burnout: Paradise by a long shot! What an amazing game for the price.

    Game of the Year

    I don’t think MGS4 is that great – too much time spent watching and not enough time spent playing. LittleBigPlanet was a big disappointment too. So I’m gonna vote for Call of Duty: World at War.