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New Metal Gear Online Info


The Sneaking Mission mode is returning with a bang! This was a very fun mode to play in MGS3 Online. They’ve made some great changes for Metal Gear Online. Now you don’t have to get to a certain goal anymore. Snakes objective is to collect dog tags by killing other people, he can even use his Octocam! If there is enough people somebody can even control the Metal Gear Mk.II to assist snake. How cool is that! I don’t think I’ll be playing any other game online once MGO is out 🙂

Also there are 2 teams trying to kill snake. If they don’t kill snake enough times before the match is done. Whoever kills the other team more wins. This mode sounds like so much fun. MGO will have online matchmaking too.

MGO will also be getting expansion packs in the future, and will feature anything from new maps, modes, people, weapons, etc. The starter pack includes 5 maps.

Be sure to pre-order MGS4 to get the Metal Gear Saga Vol.2 DVD for access to the MGO Beta which you can download April 17th. And check out this Metal Gear Name Generator. Mine is Discharger Squirrel, lol.

Metal Gear Online Makes Drastic Changes to Sneaking Mission


PS3 Advertisement is Impressive

I’ve always liked unique marketing and this is is very unique. Can you spot the all the Playstation shapes? I can’t seem to find the circle. Hopefully we’ll see this is motion later 🙂

Click the images to enlarge

PlayStation 3 Advertising Art is Impressive

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Win The Metal Gear Saga Vol.2 DVD Here

I’ve decided to give away my extra copy of the “Metal Gear Saga Vol.2” DVD. It’s unopened, new and still shrink wrapped. This comes with the Metal Gear Online Beta key as well. Which you can download April 17th.

Must be 18 or over and live in North America to enter. How do you enter? Just leave a comment below (only 1) and say why you like Metal Gear and I’ll choose one at random Sunday night. Good Luck and I hope we meet in the Metal Gear Universe 🙂

Man I hope they keep the launcher in the game, lol.


Warhawk 1.3 Patch has landed

Included in the free patch is the new Warhawk paintjobs and insignias made by the fans. Plus a couple new ways to kill you opponents.

  • Field Mechanic’s Wrench (You can kill enemies and repair vehicles)
  • Bio-Field Generator (Acts like a mine, sticks to anything. Heals comrades and slowly kills enemies)
  • Another plus is the option to turn “Open Mic” off if you want. A interesting thing is that Home Game Launching is supported in the 1.3 patch. Is this a hint that Home is coming soon? Anyway, below is a video of the 1.3 Patch.

    From Crackle: Warhawk v1.3 Trailer

    Warhawk patch v1.3 coming tomorrow


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