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Resistance 2 Gameplay Footage

Hard to tell from that footage but it’s looking good. I can’t wait for Resistance 2.

Resistance was awesome online and if Insomniac can pull off what they are aiming for, Resistance 2 should be immense.

Resistance 2 Gameplay Footage

EDIT: Check out this link for some great looking Resistance 2 footage without sound though.

Cheers Para!


MGS4 Quick Impressions

Wow, where to start, and not give any spoilers. Even from booting up the game you’re excited to play it. The title screen is just beautiful to look at. You are truly immersed into the world right from the start. There is so much going on around you. Graphics in MGS4 are a sight to behold, I’m only viewing it in 720p, but it’s still amazing to look at. The cut scenes are actually interactive. I won’t say how, but it’s fun. Everything is so fluid and a joy to watch. The Octocam is fun to use as well. I’m not that far yet, just barely started Act 2. Even though I’m not that far there was still MGS4 style comedy, which I love.

Like Gary said in the Shoutbox, you can set up your bluetooth headset for the codec. It’s so cool to hear Otacon in your ear giving you game tips.

I can see myself playing through this game several times easily. So far this generation I haven’t played any single player game after I beat it. I just don’t have any desire to. But with MGS4, everything is so dynamic. Since I was part of the MGO Beta I only played MGO (Metal Gear Online) for a few minutes. But it seems more polished.

Even if you are not a die hard Metal Gear fan, give this game a shot. Try it on easy if you have to.


MGS4 Sells 300K in One Day in Japan

According to Media Create, MGS4 has sold 300,000 copies from its first day on sale in Japan, not including the PS3/MGS4 bundle.

First day sales:

Metal Gear Solid 4 – 300.000.

Normal Edition – 130.000.
Limited Edition – 170.000 .

If you compare 1st day sales of MGS4 with 1st week sales of previous MGS games in Japan, you will see some interesting numbers:

Previous MGS’s first week Sales

1st week/LTD

MGS: 317,000 / 706,000 (45% of total sales occurred in the 1st week)
MGS2: 457,000 / 798,000 (57% of total sales occurred in the 1st week)
MGS3: 487,000 / 820,000 (59% of total sales occurred in the 1st week)

According to the latest Media Create numbers, 2,079,374 PS3s are currently in Japanese homes. It will be very interesting to see how well the MGS4 PS3 bundle does.

MGS4 Sells 300,000 Copies on First Day in Japan


MGS4: Perfect 10!!!

IGN, my favorite (although fallable) pro review source, gave MGS4 a perfect 10!

They haven’t given out a perfect 10 in a full 10 years of reviewing all major games, and this is the second 10 they’ve given out in the past two months (the other being the completely worthy GTA4). My expectations have shot through the roof for this title.


Here’s a brief quote of their gushing praise:

Is it possible to give a game an 11? If so, this would be the game that would merit that score. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a title that exceeds all of the hype that was attached to the title. Regardless of whether you’ve seen every trailer and screenshot, read every preview and heard every interview, you won’t get a full sense of how phenomenal this title is unless you sit down and experience it for yourself.

It’s easy to throw around such words, so I will really have to see for myself. My pre-order is ready to be picked up and I can’t wait. If you’ve tried it, please share any spoiler-free impressions.


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