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Rock Band Premium Drum Set

Ion has put up the web site for their new premium electric drum set for Rock Band.


This looks like a virtual drummer’s dream: very high end materials and everything is fully adjustable. Wow. The standard Rock Band drum kit is still very nice and much more affordable, but if you take drums seriously, and don’t mind the price ($300), this is perfect.


With the first Rock Band, Drums really took over as the most polished and realistic of the three instrument types. Now, they are really taking the drum experience up a notch.

Other instruments are harder to adapt to the Amplitude/Guitar Hero style formula, but I hope we see some high quality efforts like this.

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Nice New Killzone 2

How’s that for a cool new video of the game?


Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion Details

There is a new mode called survival. While in survival mode you can earn Reward Points which can be used to buy gear for your character. You even get a extra character slot with this update. So if you want to create a lady character go for it.

Meryl and Johnny will now be in MGO too. Each have there own unique skills. You can’t manually choose to be them, it will be random just like Snake and the MKII.

Here are the new maps:

Coppertown Conflict / City of Sorrow

Tomb of Tubes / Underground Waterway

Virtuous Vista / South America Power Station

What I would love to see is a Shadow Moses level in MGO ๐Ÿ™‚

And just in case you didn’t know they recently updated MGO with another game mode a couple weeks ago called Team Sneaking. If your the sneaking team it’s quite a challenge, but very fun. Check it out.

Also if you ever create a game make sure to enable ghost pranks! Good times ๐Ÿ˜€



Cagney Update Available to Download Now

The latest update for Burnout Paradise is available to download now. Version 1.30, otherwise known as Cagney, is a whopping 385MB.

The best thing about this update is custom soundtrack support! It’s going to give Burnout Paradise a new lease of life in my PS3.

I’ve barely played it the past couple of months but I’m going to be spending a lot more time in Paradise now, thanks to custom soundtracks! 8)

Click here for the full lowdown on what else is in the Cagney update.


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