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Burnout Paradise coming to PSN

I’m tempted to sell my copy of Burnout and get the download version. But it depends how big the game will be. No release date yet, but it will be $29.99. It will include all the free updates so far to.

I’m impressed all the support this game is getting. Now that I’ve finally beat MSG4 I have time for other games, so I’ll be playing this again soon. And there is more updates coming this year.

This is the complete transformation of Burnout. That means you’ll see new game modes, new vehicles including motorcycles, day / night gameplay, weather, a huge new island play area, stacks of new challenges and maybe even aircraft!

Burnout Paradise – coming to PSN


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Bionic Commando Rearmed Tonight!

This game comes out tonight in the U.S., with both a free demo and a full version for $10.


I haven’t played this yet, but here are some good reasons to be excited:

  1. Great Classic: This is a great choice for a remake. The NES original was awesome.
  2. New technology: Fancy physics engine, enemy AI, flashy 3D graphics tech. This tech is common among recent big budget 3D titles, but I’ve never seen such new technology and high quality production values used on a 2D sidescroller. I remember a Contra sequel for the PS2, which was great, but this looks like a much better game, with much newer tech, and it’s $10 rather than $40.
  3. Extras: Local co-op play, new weapons, new bosses, new effects.
  4. Cheap: $10 for a full game like this? That’s a steal!

PSN is really rocking lately: PixelJunk Eden, Siren Blood Curse, and now this, all within a month time frame? Wow!


Bionic Commando Today!

Today’s PLAYSTATION Store Update brings us news of Bionic Commando Rearmed. We can download and play it today. Yay! We also get a 1942: Joint Strike demo.

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