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Game Developer Quality of Life

Surfer Girl reports on suspected game developer workplace problems at Bioware and asks:

Finally, I would encourage journalists to regularly devote coverage to [Quality of Life] issues.

What do you think?

Here’s why I don’t normally post about developer workplace issues:

  • I’m definitely sympathetic to game developers but do they deserve special attention beyond other workers? Probably not.
  • This is a free society. It’s the responsibility of employees and employers to get the most attractive deals that they can. If an employee (or an employer) is getting a bad or unfair deal, it’s their responsibility to improve their deal or get out of the bad relationship and move on to better ones.
  • Workplace atrocities are he said/she said type situations. Look at some of the well publicized workplace atrocities such as the EA Spouse incident. That may be completely legit but it could also be someone just overreacting and I don’t think the blogosphere crowd is in a good position to make that judgment. Also, the worst atrocities probably aren’t the most media-genic ones. I’m sure things a hundred times worse happened than the EA Spouse incident, but those made crappy blog snippets so no one talks about them.
  • Even if we can judge, what are we going to do? Journalists (of which us bloggers are a lower form) can bring awareness to such issues, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’m skeptical of the benefit that will provide. Other sites (such as dice or monster) are much better suited for serious career advice and workplace concerns. Also, good friends and social support is more important than blog coverage.


Studio Closures: Full Auto + Sega Rally

Two PS3/360 game studios closed this week:

This is somewhat of a reminder that game development can be an unforgiving field. These projects cost a lot to finance. One multi-million dollar flop will sink a studio.

Anyone mourning these studios?

I wasn’t a fan of their games, but others are, and I know how much skill and hard work it takes to put together those kinds of games.

I hope the skilled employees find better organizations to harness their talent.


New PS3 Store Dated in Japan [Update: Video Walkthrough]


Sony has confirmed that the new PSN Store will hit the Japanese marketplace on April 15th. Along with the new PSN Store, Sony will also be releasing firmware 2.30.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember seeing what’s in firmware 2.30, besides the new store. Home perhaps? Somehow I doubt it…

PS3 News: Sony confirms date for new PS Store

[Edit by Tosh]


IGN Looks in Warhawk’s Mirror

IGN recently got to take a look at the upcoming expansion pack, Operation: Broken Mirror. Check out the article below, and here’s the video.

Warhawk — Operation: Broken Mirror Preview

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