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Sony’s Keyboard Peripheral |

Yesterday I picked up Sony’s keyboard peripheral for PS3 controllers.

As a keyboard, this thing is great. It’s thinner than I expected, and just clips onto the controller easily. It doesn’t actually “connect” to the controller in any way, so you could actually use it separately if you really wanted to. It’s a Bluetooth keyboard that you pair to your PS3 by connecting the two with a USB cable momentarily. This is also how you charge the keyboard’s on-board battery. The keyboard is surprisingly thin, and doesn’t get in the way at all when gaming, which is nice.

As a cursor for navigating the XMB or whatever, this thing sucks. It has a mode you can put it in which makes all the keys behave somewhat like one big trackpad. This feature didn’t work very well for me at all, but I didn’t care that much since I have no need for such a feature anyway. UPDATE: I had indeed neglected to calibrate the keyboard. Once I did that, it worked much better. But I still don’t need it. πŸ™‚

I think this keyboard is great. It does everything that I want, and does it well. Here are some pics I took with my brand new Nikon D40 camera. πŸ™‚





  • Cool, I’ve been thinking about getting that off and on. All the thing needs is some Real Triggers Henning πŸ˜‰

    I do have a bluetooth keyboard that I got just for the PS3, but I don’t always pull it out. So this would be more handy.

  • So how long is the battery holding power?

  • I don’t know. I just got the thing!

  • It is currently too expensive to seriously think of buying.

  • Pc

    I too have this wireless keyboard and love it ! Btw, did you calibrate the touch pad ? Just wondering because if you don’t, then it won’t work properly. I have never really used the mouse feature, but it’s nice to have just in case πŸ™‚

  • Darrin

    You have to pair it separately? Ugh! That kills it! I’d rather stick with Logitech’s full size media board pro. If you use more than one controller for local multiplayer, it’s impractical to sync different accessories to different players.

  • But Darrin, you only have to pair it once like you have to sync the controller. Unless ofcourse you take it with you to use on another persons PS3. Then you have to sync it again. Which takes like, what, five seconds?

  • Ian

    The “trackpad” is really more for web browsing than for navigating the XMB. after calibrating the pad it works like a dream.

    Give it another go.

  • Trev

    you can use off of the controller? that’s awesome. i might be tempted now although i am getting quite skilled at using the pad and just got the headset. i’ll post some impressions soon.

  • When you pair it, isn’t it seen as a “keyboard” and not a controller?

  • wahnfried

    @Henning: Calibrate the keys and the trackpad will work just fine, at least for browsing. At leat, it did for me…

  • Darrin: I don’t see any need for multiple players to have multiple keyboards.

    Tosh: Yes, this peripheral is seen as a keyboard.

  • Rui

    I’m sorry, but it DOES get in the way of analog 360ΒΊ πŸ™

  • Pc

    About the battery life on this thing……I’ve had it since the day it was available at Gamestop, and i’ve always left the power switch in the “on” position. I have not yet had to charge it (except the initial charge), and the battery is still displayed as full on my tv screen.
    You can leave this thing on because is has a battery saving feature which will put it in a stand-by/off mode when not using it. Very nice πŸ™‚

  • Riggins44

    Dump question, but can you type right into the TEXT screen on Little Big Planet? That would be helpful…

  • mpz

    don’t the controls get in the way? from the pics it always looked as though it would be rather awkward (in a hand-destroying way) to press the keys.

    riggins: I’ve got a wireless usb keyboard, and in lbp you just type and it automatically opens up a text prompt and broadcasts it when you hit return – so i presume it works the same. It works really nicely, no need to separately open the ‘chat’ box.

  • The keyboard rubs on your fingers a bit at the L1 and R1 buttons. For long gaming sessions I wouldn’t want to keep the keyboard attached. But I’ve used it unattached no problem.

  • AbdulElah

    this Keyped is cool. I really do like it and will have it soon In-Sha-Allah

  • chid chid

    i have just got this one, i dont use it for the ps3, but i buy it in hopping for using with my pc, is there a way to do the pairing with a pc via bluetooth?

  • JimmyMagnum
  • chid chid

    no, i mean i have got also a bluetooth key connected to my pc, and i dont know how to use the ps3 keyboard with my pc. thank you very much anyway.