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PS3Blog Home Club House |

I’ve created a Club House in Home last night for users on this site to gather. Maybe we could use it tonight to mingle before our games tonight? Anyway the Club is called PSTHREEBLOG, for some reason “PS3” isn’t allowed in the Club names.

I’ve put the Namco arcade machines in the club house, all 4 of them and the all-in-one machine as well. But in order to play them you need the Hong Kong Namco Museum Beta.

I’ve sent out invites to a few people already, of course the regular people here take priority. So if you need a invite let me know.

Just so you know it was $5 dollars to create it. And it says that starting March 31st, 2009 there will be a monthly fee but they haven’t determined what that amount will be yet. So we’ll see if I want to continue to pay for it or not. Or if others are willing to chip in at that time.

[Update 1.6.09] Sent out some more invites
[Update 1.7.09] Sent out a lot more invites, see if you got in

  • Dave R

    Seems really cool…I’ll definitely check it out tonight but do you think you could send me the Namco invite so that I can try the arcade machines?

  • You don’t need a invite for the Namco Museum Beta, just download it from the Hong Kong store.

  • BΓΈrten

    Logged into Home, and found a nice little invite to the club.
    Thanks dude!

  • Send me and invite, would like to hang out. My id is SparksJ.


  • Trev

    I was expecting a pop up to alert me that i have been invited but found it by looking up clubs on the organizer thing. let me know when to meet you guys.

  • We’ll be in the club at around 9:45 – 10PM EST before we head into CoD4. Too bad CoD4 doesn’t support HOME.

  • Could I have an invite? I’m over in the uk so I don’t know if it would work.
    PSN ID; Britboy13
    PS: It would be good to have cultural diversity in the club house

  • Gibb

    Well.. I would like a Home Club invite as well.. since I still can’t register to my favourite PS3 blog site =/


  • Hi Henning.. could I please get an invite to your club?

  • p.s. tried to register (thought I already had.. ) but I get an 404 error on the register page?

  • Hi, I’d like an invite to the club house as well if possible. πŸ™‚

    My psn name is: glitch

    πŸ˜‰ See ya.

  • jerryhat

    Hi, looks like I’m a bit late.

    If there’s any invites going, my psn is: jerryhat

    thanks, J.

  • Nope, no invite yet πŸ™

  • Honestly there are enough requests to start a PSTHREEBLOG2!

    I’m waiting for the people I’ve sent invites, to accept before sending more out.

  • Ok.. I’ll wait πŸ™‚ but your club sounds so much more fun than the Red Bull isle so that is why I’m checking the club invites every 5 mins πŸ™‚

  • Finally found out how to fly the planes.. so my comment above can be ignored πŸ˜‰

  • sirsquirrelly

    Hey there. Dunno if it’s too late to get involved! I sent an invite request through home! psn: sirsquirrelly

  • Janson

    If theres any places left my PSN’s Haywire_Guy, im rly keen to meet up with the ppl behind this awesome site.

  • I invited you Janson.