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Game Launching, Where Are Thou? |

Last night a couple of us met in PlayStation HOME before going over to CoD4 to (try to) shoot each other up. It would have been nice to be able to go into the game together as a party. Really nice.

But you know, CoD4 doesn’t support that. Neither does CoD5. Third party titles I know. But what about MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2? Where’s the game launching love from those games? Game launching is one of the truly useful features of PlayStation HOME, in my mind. Tonight I’m going to test the original MotorStorm, I heard that it might have game launching patched in.

But really, Sony needs to wake up and get game launching into all their games. If Sony wants people to actually use HOME, they really really need to do that.

Plus two more things:

One. Make it faster. Man it takes a long time to load.

Two. Get rid of all the stoppage. When I choose HOME from my XMB, I don’t want to Connect this and confirm that and read the other thing. I want to get into HOME dag nabbit! I want to go right to the last space I was in before. And give us the option of booting the PS3 directly into HOME so that it becomes a useful way of launching games! Turn on the PS3, go take a piss, and come back into HOME. How nice.

UPDATE: I just tried it in HOME, and game launching is not supported by MotorStorm (either one, and I’m up to date for each). I don’t know why so many people on the web are saying that it is.

  • It IS still a beta. Let them get the things working that are there, before they start working on anything and everything else.

  • mpz

    Streamlined startup would be nice – certainly it should be possible, some sort of ‘room’ streaming too, switching areas is so slow (considering how quickly levels load in LBP …). As it is it’s like cold booting a computer to make a phone-call. It just isn’t something you care to do on a whim.

    And the secondary ‘login button’ is just … odd. Although a lot of games suffer from pointless ‘if you see this icon don’t turn off the machine … press x to continue’, and they go to sleep whilst they wait for you to press the button (rather than load anyway).

    I hate to know what crappy filesystem they’re using where it is even an issue anyway.

  • Ves

    According to the Home community manager of SCEA it’s top priority (now). Most First party games already have the patch but it just needs to be activated server side for it to work. Thus only Warhawk (not sure about Motorstorm) work at the moment.

  • Jason

    I agree 100% Home to me is utterly useless at this point. Game launching is probably the most needed and important feature in home.

  • Jason

    Oh yeah and hate to spam a post but the link to register for your site is giving me a 404 not found. Didn’t know if anyone knew or not.

  • I don’t buy the “Just give it time” or “it’s just a beta” arguments. They had time to implement features like micropayments, stores, and theaters, all of which are so far behind game launching in importance that it’s ridiculous. But they didn’t have time to get game launching, the only feature that really makes HOME useful, into some of their games? Come on. Sony has to work on getting the important stuff out there first. Isn’t that what priorities are all about?

    Obviously I’m a big fan of the PS3. I started blogging about it in March of 2005 (yes, 2005). But I’ll be the first one to say that Sony is totally messing up. Whether it’s the rumble-less controllers, the infamous KZ2 trailer, the high price of the PS3, the botched launch of LBP, the continued lack of decent advertising in North America, or the screw up that is HOME, I’m not gonna stick my head in the sand and say that Sony knows what it’s doing. I honestly don’t think they do. They think that if they continue stumbling around with half-hearted efforts here and there, eventually people will see their genius and start buying PS3’s by the truckfulls. I had held out that hope for the longest time. The fact is, if Sony continues like it is now, it’ll never beat Microsoft this generation (at least in North America, my market). They really need to get their act together fast.

  • At least they are aware .. hopefully it’s more widely supported soon.

    Comment 7 on the PlayStation.Blog

    GL0cKoP0P | January 7th, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    Thank you for the update.
    I am still curious when you will allow us to use the features of home that would most benefit us as gamers?
    for instance..
    What about Launching???

    CydoniaX replied on January 7, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    Game launching is a top priority for us and coming soon!

  • Børten

    Sure its a top priority..
    They had to remove a lot of features when the beta went public.
    so I guess its just a matter of time before they put it back in 😉

  • John

    I very much agree with Henning there.
    IMO it’s not an issue of time or beta this beta that, it’s one of priorities. They’re just not spending their time on what should be priorities for Home. Before working on a store and clothes in home, they should have worked on the above, heck, probably even before they started work on the whole Home being 3D.

  • HOME is probalby the biggest mistake Sony ever made. It is no fun at all. I hoped they would really come up with some nice community features… nothing! The clubhouses really sucks and the whole system feels very very clumsy. I don’t like to say that, but M$oft is right when they laugh about HOME… it is just an embarassing example of wasting money.

  • Emrah

    I wholeheartedly agree, let’s all keep in mind that they also cancelled 8 days and getaway, both of which were used to display the power of the PS3, pre-launch. But that’s a bit deceitful, I was wowed by their looks and had a positive effect on me buying the PS3, for example. But they are now nowhere to be found.. If Home has caused this fuss, I don’t like home.

  • Jason

    I think Henning’s assessment is spot on. and I attribute it to a lack of good leadership at Sony. What they need is a visionary like Steve Jobs over there, someone that puts himself in the shoes of the people that will be using the products.

    I think Ken Kutaragi tried to be that person but he was the wrong guy for the job. Sony is so arrogant about the way they do things and they don’t seem to learn anything from their competitors. They can learn a lot from this generation.


  • Trieloth

    Meh, I stopped going to home once all the rejects showed up and started being.. rejects. Iam really suprized people want game lauching in Home so badly. If I would have payed for Home then I might be all wuu wuu and demand all sorts of stuff.

  • Jason

    I just want it to be as easy to find, join and chat with friends across all games as it was with an XBOX in 2002. I was really hoping Home would finally deliver that.

  • You’ll be happy to hear that game launching is now a major priority. Read posts 5 and 8 in this thread:

    Don’t simply moan about Home’s current deficiencies here, though. It would be far more productive and beneficial for us all if everyone (who hasn’t already) were to post their comments, opinions and suggestions regarding Home in the appropriate sections on either the US or Euro forums.

    That way, they can actually be read and acted upon by the people working on Home. Just like voting, if you don’t have your say, you can’t really complain about the outcome.



    As for the lack of launching support for the games mentioned… you excuse CoD4 & 5 for being 3rd-party, but it should be noted that both LBP and Resistance 2 are also 3rd-party titles; Sony have a 3-game contract with Media Molecule, and Insomniac so far have chosen to work exclusively on Sony’s platforms. However, both companies are still very much independent at this time. The original Motorstorm did work with game launching, but was ‘broken’ with a previous API update, apparently.