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Games Night(mare) |

Ah crap. Sorry guys that I had all those connection issues and couldn’t join you for a game. It was quite frustrating to set up a games night and then not be able to join in the fun! I had a problems joining the party, obviously. I thought the problem was that my PS3 said I had a NAT3 connection. It took quite a bit of fiddling (while you guys were playing!), but I finally got it to say NAT2. I was jubilant for a while until your game finished and Tosh invited me and I still couldn’t join. Gaaaar!

If I had a cat I’d have kicked it. I was so frustrated.

Whenever I accepted an invite I either got a connection error or I was moved to the Find Match screen. What’s up with that? Call of Duty 4’s matchmaking system just sucks. I can’t believe that they released, and have not fixed, this. I have a feeling that they haven’t changed a thing for Call of Duty 5. But I guess I need to test that to find out for sure. Any guinea pigs want to help me find out? UPDATE: I’ll be online tonight if anyone wants to help me test.

The problem now is that I still don’t have this issue fixed. I don’t know what the issue is! Grrrr….

At least the meet and greet beforehand in HOME went well…

  • CoD4 has so many issues with online gaming I stopped playing it altogether about 2 months ago (after only one month^^)…

    I usually played with a friend and it usually worked, but there were some days, that totally sucked.

  • Trieloth

    lol, I had a feeling that was going to happen. There is and always will be connection issues with both Cod games. I have had problems connection with clan members for a while now. Its part of the reason I dont play that game any more.
    That NAT stuff show up when trying to join chat rooms (sometimes).
    Theres a good chance I will be on later tonight if you want to try CoD:waw.

  • Pc

    Yeah, CoD’s online definitely needs some work done ! They are a very lazy and wont patch the thing ! I had to completely open up all ports on my router, and change a lot of settings just so my friends could join my room ! Even after doing that, some people still have trouble getting in some times…….

  • My PS3 is actually in my router’s DMZ. I don’t know how I can get better than that!

  • Jason

    Along with using the router’s DMZ and static ip for the PS3, I’ve found it necessary to turn off the router’s built in UPNP. It’s in the administration menu of linksys routers.

    I’ve had three different models of routers fight with the PS3 when UPNP is on… all result in the problems you are describing (chat no workie, disconnects, etc.)

  • Riggins44

    I hate to ask this, but how does it run on the 360? I want to hurl the machine out the window when I get booted out after the ending of every game. COD 5 is yet to track a single stat of mine…I fear that this is a function of having the console that sold half as many copies of either game.