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UGO Buys 1UP. EGM magazine closed. Podcasts closed. 40+ Layoffs. |

Wow. The details aren’t 100% confirmed, but UGO has defintely acquired 1UP and many staff are no longer with the company. The EGM print magazine is reportedly closed and the podcasts and video shows are reportedly being shutdown. Full details will be available by morning.

Popular editor and gaming journalist personality, Shane Bettenhausen, confirms that he is definitely leaving 1UP and, in fact, had previous plans to do so. He, of course, has a new gaming related job lined up, but has yet to reveal details on that.

The 1UP Show and 1UP Yours podcast are reportedly also being closed. 1UP Yours is the premier podcast in the gaming industry, so this is quite a shock. However, show host, Garnett Lee, suggests on his twitter feed that the show, or another show, will return: “to all the awesome tweets for us, thank you more than I can say, and yes, there will be future confirmation of weekends”.

I think I speak for most online gaming fans, when I say that the 1UP team produced some of the best game industry coverage and I hope we haven’t heard the last from these guys.

  • this is so depressing 🙁

    their podcasts were the best in the business: funny AND damned smart.

  • They are closing one after another?? Best Of Media has turned Tom’s Hardware spinoff Tom’s games into a site full of stupid junk flash games, they used to give game related news, videos, reviews.

  • They are closing down 1up Yours. Are they stupid? It has to be one of the best podcasts out there. I’m sure that the guys will resurect the podcast at a later date. and I for one would be willing ot subscribe to that podcast. If I was G4 TV I would Hire Garnett Lee immediately and put together a 2 hour long video podcast and run it on Friday nights at 8.
    UGO I think you may have killed the golden goose.

  • Mike

    UGO is basically buying a domain name, which I find strange considering 1up was never even close to IGN or GameSpot due to how long those sites have been around. They had the best podcasts and video show, which are now gone.

    It’s funny to read people say “boycott UGO” – don’t you have to be interested in something to want to boycott it? I’ve NEVER gone there for gaming info. It’s really a shame that Ziff Davis is such a poorly run company. A great outlet just got sold to a crappy one.

  • Trev

    I completely missed the boat on this one. never used their site for news myself. EGM wasn’t exactly the greatest mag ever though…

  • Mike

    I never went to the site either. It was all about the podcasts and the 1up show. And UGO just nuked all that (even if they put shows up under the same name, they will never be the same).

    And lord is that a terrible site. Are a bunch of awful top ten lists what they consider to be good games coverage?

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