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Killzone 2 CES 09: Ballet of Death (Cam) |

Wow …Sony should use this in a commercial! lol Looks amazing.

Some awesome Killzone 2 gifs!

  • Nice cant wait for a ps3blog game night with this game..

    Normally I’ll wait for the price to drop down on games (just got haze ;)) I know but I think I like it..) but this will be a first week buy for me..

  • Ya, we must have a PS3Blog gamers night with this game! I’m getting this day one!

  • Preordered.. Awesomeness.

  • Trieloth

    Killzone 2 freaking OWNZ!! The beta was awesome. It must suck to be a rabid xbot, lol.

  • Watcher

    It’s awesome, but a commercial like this would never survive the deluge of anti-video game violence maniacs out there.

  • Oooooooh.


  • James

    Playstation: The Official Magazine gave the game a 5/5 stars (based on the final review build). Online components weren’t up yet, so they don’t have any info on that, but said there really isn’t anything bad and the AI is balanced really well (only complaint was slightly bland voice acting, but said everything else was pretty believable from the guns to the planet itself). there was a bit, but i dont feel like grabbing the mag at this moment lol

  • Trev

    this video is awesome but its not a day 1 buy for me. gonna wait for some more reviews and general community feedback and try and get some hands on before i decide. i hope its great though. i’m looking for a goo excuse to buy it 😉