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Same number of online PS3 and 360 Gamers |

Interesting. Today Sony was boasting that there are 17 million PS3 users online. The same number that Microsoft was boasting about recently. That means that 85% of PS3 users are online versus 60% of 360 users. Link.

  • JimmyStewart

    It is an interesting stat, but it seems like little more than fuel for the fanboys to argue about. The PSN service doesn’t hold a candle to XBox Live in my opinion. I can tell you the two brief times I’ve used PSN to play online (Resistance 1 once and the Resistance 2 beta again once)… while playing 360 games online takes up a good chunk of my gaming time. I’d say most people are probably like me and use the PS3 mostly for a Blu-Ray player… and since you’re online getting the firmware updates anyway why not setup the account. Some actually usage stats would be far more interesting. In our house at least we’ve barely used the PSN outside of a handful of purchases in the store. XBox Live on the other hand is used almost daily and I couldn’t imagine going without.

  • Sporty

    I use PSN several hours a day now it seems. Only been on XBL about 6 hours total, used my headset once in Lost Planet. However now my 360 will never go online again since MS made it so easy to flash. I do however buy all PS3 games even multiplatform ones that I could otherwise play free on 360.

    But a far more interesting statistic would be COD4 that IW released recently. 4M unique PS3 users vs 10M 360. A game as popular as COD has a high attach rate on both consoles, granted some of those numbers are rentals and used game sales.

    PS3 PSN accounts number is most likely inflated due to gamesharing and multi accounts also. Hell I have 6 PSN accounts on my system, one for every region and a group account plus my main. I know I’m not alone in having that many.

  • JimmyStewart

    Yeah, I’m probably not the best person for an accurate representation. When you say you play every day for hours on the PSN the first thought that jumps into my head is… playing what? I only own 5 total PS3 games… while I have over 50 360 games at present. Live mostly becomes a factor because I have over 10 friends I know from real life on there, on the PSN I have one friend whom I actually know. Since only 1 person I know actually has a PS3 (and he hasn’t logged in since he bought it) it keeps me pretty invested in the 360 and Live. It’s really changed how I game. Even in single player games there’s usually a draw just to see how our achievements match up and gamerscores and all that.

    It is pretty unusual that you’ll pirate 360 games but not PS3 games. I’m not much of a pirate myself, at least not when it comes to gaming, but I find it really interesting how you seem proud to steal from one console and proud to buy from another. It’s part of why the power of Napster fell apart I think. I was really behind the idea of downloading music to find out what you like before you buy it. But it was too soon that users started coming up with weird rules and codes behind the theft. I’d be able to understand pirating PS3 games more if only for the fact that without the community behind Live and gamerscores I have little incentive to play most PS3 games more than once.

    The biggest deterrent of piracy to me is XBox Live. I couldn’t game without it. Plus, I haven’t been so big on console wars since I was a kid. I can’t really get behind the idea of screwing over one money grubbing corporation who’s only after my money just to turn around and buy from the other larger money grubbing corporation who’s after my money. Best case scenario… you put the competition out of business and you’re left with one money grubbing corporation who’s monopolizing the industry. They aren’t going to be looking out for your best interests.

  • Henning

    JimmyStewart, you really like the console war debate, eh? Heck why not:

    I have a PS3 only and I’m a casual gamer. I don’t game every day. Usually twice a week or sometimes more for a new game. But the PS3 fits me just fine. Plus I love the Blu-ray player!

    I see Xbox Live in action at two friends’ places, and while it’s a great platform, I only really miss two things about it that I don’t have on my PS3. One: profiles. LBP is the only game to support profiles on the PS3. All PS3 games should support it, just like on the Xbox. So while technically the PS3 can do it, in practice it’s not used, which is a shame. Two: cross game chat. I wish that I could have a private channel to a friend and chat with him only while playing games.

    Those two things aren’t enough to sway me from going from the PS3 to the 360. I like the PS3 better for other reasons.

    You say: “When you say you play every day for hours on the PSN the first thought that jumps into my head is… playing what?” That is a totally ignorant statement, I’m sorry. Almost all third party games are multiplatform, and there are some great exclusives on the PS3 as well. The idea that there are no games for the PS3 is so 2007. The PS3 has the games I want. The only decent next-gen racing game (I don’t count Baja: Edge of Control, which is crap) that has four player splitscreen is on the PS3. That’s important to me. I love CoD. That’s on the PS3 as well. I have LBP. I’m trying to think of a 360 game that I wish was on the PS3, and I’m having a hard time. I like Castle Crashers and Halo 3. But are two games a reason to get a 360? Not in my book when I get games like PS3 exclusives Warhawk, SSHD, GT5P, MGS4, LBP, MotorStorm 1&2, Resistance, and KZ2. Besides, I play Caste Crashers and Halo 3 at my friends’ places.

    I love the XMB and hate the Xbox’s GUI. Every time we’re at a friend’s place and need to do something with the GUI, it’s a pain. Really, my friends have had their 360’s for years and use their Xbox 360’s regularly. But they still have problems finding what they want in the interface. It’s painful. The XMB is a much more elegant and easy to navigate system.

    I think the PS3 hardware is better than the 360’s. I like (and use) the Blu-ray player and I like (and use) the built-in memory card readers on my PS3. I like the battery system for the controllers better. It’s annoying to be swapping batteries all the time at my friends’ places. They constantly run low. I like the standard HDD in the PS3, which I can replace with a larger one without voiding the warranty. I know of several people who have done that. I like playing PS2 games on my PS3. The PS3 doesn’t have any RROD issues either.

    Plus, the 360 is from Microsoft. Many software developers, like me, don’t like Microsoft because of their businesses practices. If I can purchase something else that’s just as good, I’ll do it.

    So for these reasons, for me, I like the PS3 better. Obviously, the 360 is the right choice for you.